nothing much

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it looks like some of you have found your way here and looked around.  thanks.  i hope you come back.  also thanks for not commenting on just how crappy last nights ode to peter green turned out.  sometimes notes are hit and sometimes they are just clinkers in the musical scale of life.  blogging as well.

perhaps a few more words on what it is that i do or don’t do are in order.  i don’t fret over stuff blogs, thoughts or agonize over editing.  i find it tedious and boring.  what gets hammered out stays hammered out.  it’s they way i prefer to do things.  i don’t recall ever not hitting the post button.  screw it.  what is done is done.  one nice thing about this place is that there is a spell check.  that is when it works.  i’m still trying to figure shit out here.  as a dyslexic the spell check saves me a lot of time with stopping and starting just to look up a word in the dictionary.  fellow dyslexics will understand.   as for grammar errors, ce est la vie.  you don’t like it or they bother you then don’t read it.  simple easy.  i don’t do this for you.  i do it for myself and whatever it is inside me that makes me want to just sit here and pound away at the keys.  if someone finds it interesting and wants to read it then it’s just an added measure of good fortune for me.  perhaps you too. 

i guess that covers it for now.  i hope you find your time here entertaining.  see?  it was nothing much.



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