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this appeared else where on may 11, 2007. it’s a re-print post.

bleeding your life onto a page or bleeding your life onto and into a cd is what my friend, john harrelson, has done with his new cd, ‘mojave’.  it’s amazing.  and right up front you need to figure out how you are gonna get your hands on a copy of the damn thing.  cause it cooks.  man, does it ever. 

right from the start with his hank williams meets heavy metal ‘honky tonk moon’.  the tone is set.  set for some heavy country metal blues rock and roll with a bit zydeco thrown in for good measure.  it reminds of the old days and the pure rawness that was once rock and roll.  none of the over produced over engineered music of today.  just the stuff john has been doing for the past forty years.  damn good stuff.

the title track ‘mojave’, is one of the best songs i’ve ever heard, and baby, i’ve heard some stuff, in my rock and roll life.  haunting guitar with john’s fucking amazing vocal mixed into some of the best lyrics happening.  what could be better?  maybe, just maybe, ‘joshua tree’73’.  more gut wrenching haunting love done fucked me up, again.  music as it was meant to be.  just simple pure raw and fucking good. 

john can tell all about what each song means and why he wrote it.  i don’t wanna go there and prolly shouldn’t.  his music is too personnal for me or anyone to venture into that ground.  thankfully, he’s still out there dishing his music up along with his heart and soul.  simple easy.

you need this cd.  find it.  buy it.  then tell people abut it.  because it’s that’s good.  think of it as like the first 3 stones lps.  that pure raw sound.  but these aren’t old blues tunes re-done.  no, they are the work of a man who’s been at it for just as long as they have,  but still right there basking in his roots.  writing and playing what he likes the best.  great stuff and great music.

yeah, ok he’s my friend.  what the fuck you want me to say?   the music sucks?  if it did i’d be the first one to tell you it sucked.  but it doesn’t.  it kicks ass.  and sucks your ass back into the cd for another listen.  and ya know what?  with each listen it gets better.  simple easy.  

before i repeat myself to death and you stop reading.  i’m gonna stop.  my work for now is done.  almost.  now it’s up to you, my readers, to find the cd, ‘mojave’, and buy the fucker.  cause it’s got something for you to listen to, a man pooring his heart and soul into his music.  pure and simple.

ok.  you can find john here: www.johnharrelson.com and http://www.myspace.com/john_harrelson .  just like the old tv guys used to say, tell him i sent you.  sent you for some of the best music happening anywhere.

it’s also avaiable at: http://cdbaby.com/cd/harrelson  

‘of lonliness, morphine, and desire’…joshua tree ’73.  sweet, jesus, make the goose bumps stop. 

music provided by, john harrelson, ‘mojave’. 





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