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ok.  now comes the time for the other shoe to drop.  i am not here to talk about why we went to vietnam.  no one asked me.  they rarely ask me anything.  it may or may not have been the right thing to do.  lots of people thought it was at one point or another.  then like everything else we grew weary of the whole dead and death deal on the news every night.  none other than uncle walter said, on tv, that we were in a hurt and losing the war.  this was during the tet offensive in 1968.  yes, it was a minor set back but we actually cleaned the nva’s(north vietnamese army) collective clocks during that time.  the north veitnamese were so badly beaten they were unable to mass a similar offensive until easter of 1972.  at which time we cleaned some more clocks with even less americans around.  however, on the other hand, during tet the nva were busy killing innocent civilians and burying them in a mass grave in hue.  hundreds and hundreds of people.  this was or should have been a signal flare but no one was paying attention.  of course there were other things involved but the american people had lost interst in the vietnam war.  sadly.  it was said, time to leave.  pack up and just go.  come home.  let them fight their own war.  adios.   

after the 1972 easter offensive the cry really went up.  leave now.  why, mom and pop america even thought it was a good idea.  it may have been but there are always other things lurking about.  waiting.  the time finally came for america to put the nightmare behind us or so it was said.  we up and left.  then it came and came in ways that  in my opinion we are still paying for, karma wise.  the bad juju of just  leaving and closing the door behind us in vietnam still lives with us.  the blood of all the innocent people who were slaughtered in vietnam, laos, cambodia after we left won’t wash off our hands.  probably never will.  we can twist them and turn them and mutter like lady macbeth but it ain’t gonna do any good.  the blood of those poor people is still with us.  the lives of those sent to concentration or re-education camps are on our hands as well.  

yes, of course, i’m a crack pot.  uh, huh.  the really sad thing is we are about to pull the same bonehead mistake again.  yes, say what you will.  of course we shouldn’t have started this one either.  unless you are willing to go, air force general curtis lamay, on iraq or the veitnamese, then maybe you shouldn’t get involved in the first place.  because eventually we lose interest.  if we just pull up stakes and leave iraq, ala vietnam, we are looking at another blood bath.  thousands perhaps millions more innocent people killed or worse.  yeah, there are worse things than death.  ask the vietnamese.  or the chinese under mao.  the russians under stalin.  or anybody who wasn’t a german under hitler. 

i see the whole thing as just more bad karma bad juju bad moon rising if we just up and leave iraq.  look i’m no bush fan.  i’m not gonna go into that here.  hell, i’m no fan of any politician.  all i’m saying is, we have to think of those left in our wake.  it’s the innocent iraqi citizen who is the one that’s going to suffer mightily if we leave them like we did the vietnamese.   the why, the where fors of going in the first place don’t matter now.  what is done is done.  we have enough bad karma around us as a nation.  enough bad juju to keep all manner of folks in work for years and years.  we don’t need anymore but we sure as shit will conjure up some more if we leave iraq in a lurch.  



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