ho chi ant

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we’ve lived in this place twice.  ah. g/f has been in this place much longer than i.  i turned up and lived here for a bit over a year.  ok.  no insect troubles.  we moved to a new place that was once a strawberry field.  apparently a strawberry field for many and many a year.  the japanese population around here has and still may be the best of the strawberry growers around.  mushrooms as well.  that’s a drift.  deal being strawberry field was in or on that spot for many a year.  at any rate the ants had been there for fucking years.  entrenched.    

ho chi ant came out and about every summer in that place.  fucking big time.  amazing.  i mean gallons of the home defense shit or whatever sprayed around the parimeter.  inside and out.  some sort of korean or vietnam war wake up with millions of the fuckers hitting the wire in the morning or the evening upon getting home from work.  amazing.  guess we are lucky they didn’t attack the bird that really runs our house. spray the shit out of them.  kill them.  before they kill us. simple easy.

things got better over the years but never really went away.  a tet here a tet there.  maximum air power rules with some nice agent ant spray to kick ass and be sure.  though the real agent shit is nothing to joke about. capice?  i still worry about that but that is a drift for another time.  though i’m getting old and shit like that don’t really matter as much any more.  bring it. 

fuck. rein it in.  we sold that place.  moved back here.  no ho chi ant till this year.  funny.  at first it was these little fuckers i’ve never seen before.  going on 60 years here in socal and the first time i ever saw them.  tiny ass things.  really tiny.  2/3’s smaller than the usual piss ant.  they were/are a minor problem.  big time fire power will out. 

now the other ant.  the normal piss ant fuckers are out and inside.  first time.  ever.  well, here anyway.  superior fire power rules the day.  so far.  the fuckers might burn washington ala 1812.  sink the maine ala havana.  sink the arizona ala ww2.  the glove has been tossed.  the line crossed.  we shall prevail.  all ants shall die before their time.  pure and simple.  a household credo. 



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