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i’ve kicked this one around in my head for awhile now.  other than being transported to some exotic asian place loaded up with all the stuff i’d ever need and babes to go along with it all.  where else would work as a nice place to be whisked off to?  the obligatory desert island for me.  of course it would have have a nice break, surf wise.  maybe chest high glass, all day long with some nice barrels that rolled for a bit just so you could get comfortable riding them with a board or body surfing.  a kinda kick back and enjoy the ride along with the scenery deal.    

i’d need a couple of marshall amps as well or jbl’s, something with some power to them so while i was out in the water i could listen to my music.  yes, my desert island would have electricity.  cause i am not going if there is no power for stuff.  a long time ago i might have but these days, no, i need some comfort.   along with a nice bbq, decent food, maybe a lady or two and of course some dago red or white.  hmmm, desert islands are hot so some ice cold chinese beer would be nice as well.  then of course there’s the music.

now the rub is, i can only take 10 cd’s with me.  that’s it cause with all the other crap there’s no more room.  you see, whisking machines can only hold so much and with a couple of babes along for the trip i’m sure most of the stuff would be theirs anyhow.  leaving me only enough room for the 10 cd’s, a pair of shorts, a university of oregon t shirt, some flip flops plus a surfboard and a swim fin.  i can trave light when the need arises.  

the real question has been, what 10 cd’s?  what music would i really need?  what music is gonna make me happy is what it boils down to.  plus, what can i listen to over and over again that won’t drive me mad or madder.  good questions.  i’ve thought about it and i’ve come up with my 10 selections.  of course yours would be different.  as sly used to sing, different strokes for different folks.  no sly didn’t make the cut.  at any rate here they are in no particular order.

1.  rolling stones- let it bleed,   the opening riffs of ‘gimme shelter’ still give me goose bumps.

2.  rolling stones- exile on mainstreet,  for me it’s says lots of stuff on all kinds of levels.

3.  jimi hendrix- electric ladyland,  what could be better than crashing through a tube while body surfing and hearing  ‘voodoo child’ screaming out from the sand?

4.  bob dylan- highway 61 re-visited,  if only for ‘desolation row’.

5.  the mothers- burnt weeny sandwich, gotta have some of my mothers and that one pretty much covers the mothers’ spectrum, plus i love it.

6.  bob dylan- blonde on blonde,  ‘visions of johanna’ and ‘sad eyed lady of the lowland’. nuff said.

7.  pink floyd- ummagumma live,  the ultimate floyd drug experience lp. i still listen to it just for the contact high.

8.  van morrison- moondance, this was a really tough one. it boiled down to this cd having ‘into the mystic’ on it.  plus ‘moondance’ and he’s always good for getting the ladies interested.

9.  paul butterfield blues band- east/west,  there aren’t too many blues cd’s out there much better. this one still kicks ass.

10.  the allman bros- live at fillmore east,  i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again.  this cd is probably the best party cd ever made.

ok.  there they are. you are all of course going…well, he’s forgotten and what the fuck is he thinking? and yada yada yada.  don’t matter cause it’s my list and my desert island.  more imortantly, my ears channeling the stuff to be processed by my brain. 

this is actually a kind of fun thing to do.  it was interseting going over and over stuff to get to the final 10.  try it for yourself.  the limit is 10 cd’s.  no more.  oh, i guess you can do less, i wouldn’t, but then it’s all up to you.

music provided by, david bowie, ‘ziggy stardust’, the 30th anniversary edition, an honorary list mention.




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