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the sad bridge bridge collapse in minnesota is a very tragic thing indeed.  another of those wrong place at the wrong time things that inhabit our lives.  my heart goes out to all of the families that lost someone in the tragedy.  perhaps even more so to those that were injured and now face one of those uncertain futures  that life randomly deals out.

with the road culture here in southern california and it’s over abundant freeway system, though there aren’t enough anymore with all the people.  it didn’t have to be this way but it all comes down to sex or money and someone in the firestone tire organization bought some pol in the government and the freeways got built and the red car along with the other electric rail lines went the way of the dodo, be that as it may, it’s a drift.  so now there are numerous bridges and under crossings all over the place to go along with the freeways.

oh, we are assured by cal-trans, the california highway boys, that all is in sorta good order.  tons of public monies were spent several years ago to retro fit some of the heavier use over passes after the big san fransico quake in the late 80’s.  cal-trans i suppose does what it can.  though they seem to cause more trouble than any other state department.  but then i think most road work agencies wreck havoc where ever they are.

at any rate driving the freeway system around here with some of it’s massive bridge systems gives me a bad case of the juju thing.  going under one while driving isn’t fun.  a sense of dread at times. or idling under a freeway over pass on a city street waiting for the signal to change is another one of those places and times where you think, oh, if shit hits the fan i’m a pancake.  meanwhile praying to the ever present lord, buddha, swami vishnu or whoever you like, to make the damn light change so i can get out from under this bridge.  please.

before yesterday i used to think maybe i was a bit to paranoid about the bridge/under crossing stuff.   that maybe the wrong place at the wrong time and the bridge deal is just too much mental over exertion.  sure during an earthquake all bets are off.  during a big one just hope and pray you aren’t even in california but say, shanghai or sydney.  yesterday has changed all of that sort of thinking on my part.  now it seems that all bets are really off the table.  there is no line from vegas anymore dealing with bridges/under crossing just up and falling on some poor poor souls.  the wrong place and time thing has upped it’s usual unsavory ante to the point that makes my paranoia seem normal.  that my friends is very scary indeed.



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