i hear the click clack of your feet on the stairs pt2

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i was out by the trash yesterday morning doing one of those crappy jobs that must be done at some point or another. this job was cleaning out the crap in the vacuum filter job.  a dusty dirty messy job.  one i was going to get to eventually but g/f was home and noticed how nasty the filter was getting so…

while i was standing there doing the job i heard the click clack of those feet on the concrete.  the same click clack i’d been hearing for months now.  every week day morning, more or less at the same time.  i was like, shit, it’s her or i was hoping it was going to be a her.  should i look or should i just listen like always?  what to fucking do?  i’m thinking and beating the filter thingy and standing there in a cloud of dust while the click clack gets further away.  ok, look.  yeah, it’s a lady, nice shoes, open toed, a rear side view at this point of an over fed mamacita in tight jeans.  i’m standing there in my dust cloud staring.  click clack.  click clack.  fades away eventually.

ok.  so now i know. i know for sure it’s a lady.  for sure nice shoes.  open toed.  only thing is i don’t know what she looks like.  oh, yeah, i saw the back end and well, it was ok.  nice hair, it looked clean, a little more baggage than i normally like but not gross.  so at least the click clack fantasy of your feet on the stairs is still alive and well.  or alive and well enough until i catch the front view.  i think that’s something i’m going to try and avoid.  oh, sure, there could still be something to the fantasy if i caught the whole sight picture.  but there’s no sense in  pushing things or ruining such a nice fantasy.  not just yet.  if ever.

music this morning provided by, janis joplin with big brother and the holding co, live at winterland april ’68.  yeah, it’s such a fine cd and because the click clack fantasy lady sorta had a janis vibe going for herself as she faded away, if only in my addled brain.



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