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if i’m not mistaken i think i heard the car radio say there’s only 20 some odd days left.  yep, that’s it. then it’s over.  the long long drought will finally be over.  the endless or seemingly endless wait since the beginning of january.  those long dog days of the college football fan.  mixing metaphors here but who cares?  not me.  baseball blows but it’s in it’s dog days.  like i said, us college football fans have been in the doldrums for months now. that, is soon to pass.anymore i’m strictly a college footbawh fan.  yeah, seems like that’s the way some of my heroes pronounce it, footbawh. sorta like the correct way to pronounce golf is, goff.  speaking of which, thank you tiger, for kicking that big mouth’s ass this past weekend.  sabatini is bush league.  major drifts football or more to the point, amateur football, has been a big part of my life since i was a kid.  my dad is a big fan having played high school ball back in the barnie oldfield days with the leather sorta helmet sans the face guard.  as far back as i can remember we were going to local high school games whenever we could.  if i wasn’t doing anything particular on a saturday night i’d make the road trip with my dad and one of his buddies to see the local junior college team play where ever they happened to be going here in so cal.  that riff went on into and through my high school years.  amateur football is in my blood.

hell, i even played pop warner football for 2 years.  plus 2 years of high school football. that was before i realized i wasn’t quite big enough for the game and all the nagging little pains of playing the game just made it no fun anymore.  i worked with a guy for a time that played division one football along with his brother, who went into the world football league and then the nfl.  i asked him once why he didn’t play pro ball like his brother.  he said he got tired of the all the little nagging pains.  i told him i got tired of them in my sophomore year of high school.  he laughed.

sure, i used to enjoy watching the pros play but anymore it’s just something i can’t get into.  plus sitting around most of the day saturday watching as many games as i can get away with doesn’t make me want to sit around all day sunday and do it all over again.  then there’s the g/f factor.  she will put up with my saturday football jones for the coming 3 months but if it slops over into sunday she isn’t happy about it.  fine by me.  i’ve lost interest any the ways.

see, the thing about the pros is the league or owners don’t have any loyalty to the fans.  prime example is al davis and his weirdness on every level imaginable.  bottom line is, the trojans, notre dame, michigan, boise st, etal will always be where they are.  they aren’t moving anywhere.  ever.  none of them are moving.  oh, some of the schools might switch conferences.  big deal.  i don’t care.  thing is tommy trojan isn’t moving anywhere for any price.  same for notre dame’s golden dome.  the pros?  got enough money with a free stadium paid for by tax money then, hey, i’m there.  see?  no loyalty.  

sure big money plays a part in the college game as well.  the bcs deal is a freaking nightmare of total bullshit.  it’s all about money.  now a days everything is about money or sex.  well, maybe it’s always been that way.  yes, yes, yes, the college kids get a free ride and half of them don’t graduate and the schools make a ton of money.  plus lots of the players are just assholes and products of our ever diminishing culture, be that as it may, without college football your sister/daughter ain’t going to any major school in the country on a field hockey scholarship.  period.  college football pays the way for all the other sports.  women’s sports in particular.

ok.  so i’ve been all over the place.  i’m just amped that it’s 26 days and counting till football kicks off.  amateur football.  i’m even looking forward to the high school games on cable.  no more road trips for me.  i have all the football i can watch right in the comfort of all the rooms in the house that have a tv and that’s just about all of them.  i would even watch pop warner games if they put em on tv.  bring it on.  amateur football is in my blood.

this evening’s music provided by, dave mason, ‘alone together’, a damn fine lp.




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