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today’s blog is a bit different from my usual stuff.  today you need to participate.  yeah, i know some of you have probably already hit the exits.  stick around you won’t be sorry you took a few minutes out of your day for this.  trust me.  click on the link below and it will take you to a youtube video. no, not the usual crappy youtube stuff that’s always there, this is something very very special.  the video runs for a bit over 8 minutes.  yes, oh my god, he wants me to watch an 8 minute video?  yep.  you will be sorry if you don’t.  so go click on it now or maybe come back later and do it if you are rushed.   however, you need to watch this.  i’ll be here when you get back. if clicking doesn’t work copy it or whatever you need to do.  trust me.

ok.  how about that?  amazing wasn’t it?  damn straight.  sorta makes all of our daily bitching and moaning seem a bit trite,eh?  it also makes us all, myself included, look like chumps, dopes, and lay about idlers as well.  yep it do.

for those of you who don’t speak chinese the lady in the video was born that way and her mother wanted to just kill her when see saw what she had given birth to.  yeah, that’s peasant china.  any the ways her dad said, no.  he also said, we will just think of her as a dog.  more peasant china.  given the woman’s circumstances she has made an amazing life for herself.  the people she was eating dinner with were her husband and kids.  yeah, the guy fell for her and married her.  when he asked the ladies’ father if he could marry her he said i know i’m poor but i love her.  the father said poor is ok, just love her and be kind to her.

that was an amazing video, huh?  now go watch it.  watch all of it.



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