rock and roll your soul

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i saw my friend, john harrelson, perform live saturday night at ‘the press’ in claremont, ca.  i’m very glad i did.  it’s already been said elsewhere here and i really couldn’t have said it much better but the ‘gasoline and fire’ analogy pretty much sums up the performance he and his band dealt out.

things don’t get much better than seeing a veteran blues player like john get up in front of an audience and kick out the jams. pure and simple. a solid band behind him playing as inspired as john was playing.  a stunning and amazing evening of very loud screamin’ rock and roll your soul blues.  all with john doing what he does best playing his music and the music of other greats.  nothing more nothing less. 

if you are ever lucky enough to see john harrelson perform live you should because cd’s and i tunes only tell half the story. the other half is his love of performing live and you only get that when he’s out on stage. where all his own troubles are left in that place where they get sent when the first note is hit to probably well into this coming week.

if you haven’t listened to him by now with my occasional yammering then maybe you should. you should take a good hard listen to someone who is a living breathing fire and brimstone rock and roller. it doesn’t get any better.



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