the days of youth and roses

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i’ve been spending a lot of time this week watching the little league world series.  yeah, even with the rain outs and rain delays they have had something on in repeat mode i hadn’t seen yet.  it’s nice to sit and watch baseball.  it’s the perfect summertime sport and or activity.  lots of time in between stuff to zone out or into something.  i don’t watch major league ball anymore.  they are just a bit too much for me.  after the second labor strike i gave up.  oh, i made a few minor steps back when the angels were doing something but these days not even the angels are enough for me to care about major league baseball let alone watch it.  but that’s a major league drift.

watching the kids play a kids sport is something i don’t get tired of.  the little league world series is always on my radar every year.  two others as well, the college world series and the women’s college softball world series.  good stuff and if you are a baseball fan you should take the time to watch them all.

back in my kid days i never got tired of playing baseball. there weren’t too many games on tv so if you wanted baseball you had to play the game.  that we did.  during the summer and most other times of the year there were games starting up in the morning.  more games after lunch.  then some more after dinner.  day in and day out.  oh, of course for the most part not the 9 on a side games but your basic over the line games of varying amounts of people per team, with bicycles set up for the home run fence.  that is if we were playing on a field that didn’t have a home run fence.  i didn’t live very far from the local high school.  there were 6 fields on which you could play baseball.  most of the time they were all full with kids playing pick up over the line games.

you don’t see much or any of that these days.  kids out playing baseball all day long in the summertime.  for whatever reasons.  smog, sun, heat, and all the other reasons kids sit around the house all day long now a days.  a sad thing actually.  none of those things mattered to us as kids.  the smog was much worse in those days, at it’s lung burning worst.  i have skin carbuncles from the sun as well but i don’t care.  those days of summer and baseball all day long until it got to dark to play are well worth any presumed damage the elements might have handed out. 

watching the youngsters play this week is just a fine reminder of what youth and baseball are all about.  sadness joy and just being out there playing a kid’s game.  even when getting beat by 20 runs the kids on the losing end still found ways to smile and laugh about something.  no shame or dishonor in that.  because after all it’s just a game.  a wonderful timeless game played by all of us kids.  a true existential game if there ever was one with no real set time limits and in a truer sense it can be played with no fences.   making it even more timeless and existential.  of course, none of that matters to the kids playing this week in williamsport, pa.  it really doesn’t matter to those of us just sitting and watching the kids play a kids game this week either.



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