something is in the air pt2

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it’s almost here.  just days away now and i can’t wait.  opening day of the college football season.  fucking great.  ok.  so in the spirit of the season, no not christmas, but college football, i’ve looked over the odds and stuff for the upcoming televised games for this weekend.  here’s what i would do if i were still a betting man, lived in vegas or the north part of the state and if i were were crazy enough to take my own betting advice.  this is just for entertainment purposes only and if you take my advice and lose you are dumber than i look.  i am not responsible for your lame stupidity.

utah at oregon st.  interesting match up with neither team getting into to any of the dances at the end of the year.  though you never know. one of them might win 6 games.  oregon st 6 1/2 points.  take them and oregon.

washington at syracuse  ty willingham just might have a team this year.  a good coach who got hosed by the golden domers alumni.  syracuse is syracuse.  a nice small dome for themselves and plenty of loud drunk kids to cheer them on but washington and 3 points is the deal.  go for it.

tennessee at cal.  yes, those of you astute enough to see i’m a pac ten homer.  so?  i don’t care if tenn is an sec team cal doesn’t get the respect they deserve since tedford signed on as coach.  cal 6 points.  take em.

arizona at byu.  another good one here.  well, they are all good that’s why i picked them.  a drift.  this is put up or shut up time for the wildcats and stoops.  if they can pull this one out they just might be for real.  byu isn’t what they used to be.  byu by 4 points.  nope, arizona covers or wins.

georgia tech at notre dame.  charlie and his boys might be in for a rude awakening this year.  time tells.  luckily they have their usual cupcakes on the schedule so they might make it to a end of the year dance.  notre dame by 2 1/2 points.  see what i’m saying?  might as well be a toss up.  georgia tech covers or wins.

idaho at usc.  usc 45 1/2 points.  my goodness.  sure they are consensus number one and expected to run the table but, jesus, that’s a lot of points.  especially for the first game.  though the boys of troy might have a point or two to prove or more like 45 1/2. yeah, let’s pac 10 homer it all the way.  usc and the 45 1/2 points. 

there ya go.  just a few of the many games on the tele this week and weekend.  mind numbing ass numbing eyes glazed over by sunday evening though i think there’s even one or 2 games on monday as well.   woo hoo, it’s like thanksgiving weekend in september.  i’m going to be in college football heaven. 

this is for entertainment purposes only and if you are dumb enough to use my advice for your betting activities you are incredibly stupid and deserve whatever happens to you.




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