something is in the air pt 2 1/2

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4 for 6.  not bad for the first week.  if i can keep that up i might have to re-think things and maybe go look for some sports book work up in tahoe or some place where the summers aren’t some preamble to hell’s waiting room. 

if i had stayed away from those dreadful points and my homer team, the boys of troy, i would have been really on fire with a 5 for 6.  yes, well, what can you say?  other than it will happen again if i keep wearing my heart on my sleeve and my head stays up my ass.  also for those of you following this jaunt into the mystic of college football dementia you will be aware that i picked another pac 10 team to beat the cougars of byu or at least cover the points.  yeah, guess the arizona hype is just that, hype.  but we shall see as it’s way early as the saying goes.

that’s the wrap-up for week one. stay tuned for week two or pt 3 in this series which should be out this coming wednesday morning.

this is solely for entertainment purposes only.  following any advice handed out by yours truly would be stupid on various levels.



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