something is in the air pt 3 1/2

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4 for 6 once again making me 8 for 12 over all.  i’m as surprised as the oregon beavers were at cinncinati’s thumping of them.  just goes to show anything can happen like colorado st’s covering of the points in the cal bears game.  i don’t think anyone saw that one coming either.

the washington huskies taking it to the darlings of boise was all sweetness and light.   ty willingham has been getting a bad rap.  i guess everyone has forgotten he took a stanford team to the rose bowl and won.  yes, that stanford. 

notre dame’s trouble continues though they scored more points than i thought they would.  however, like i said, charlie, doesn’t play dominoes during the week.  big game coming up with poor michigan this coming week in the big house.

it wasn’t on my list but the oregon ducks humiliation of michigan in the big house was absolutely pac-10 homer perfect.  very old readers will possibly remember that i’m a big duck fan since my childhood days. 

week 3 is history.  week 4 stuff will be up and running wednesday morning  or at least that’s the plan.

remember, this is for fun only and not for the brain dead to take and lose their milk money by doing something stupid with it like chasing my picks to oblivion.



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