the oj dilemma

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the oj simpson dilemma just seems to plod on and on.  it’s not going away until at least several things happen.  none of which i’m going into here.

the new twist in all the plodding is abc tv and their ‘top 25 greatest college football players’ thingy.  i saw the ad numerous times this past saturday while watching college football.  quick glimpses of some of the all time greats.  jim brown, bo jackson, eric dickerson, reggie bush.  some of the greatest ever to play the game, college or otherwise.  i guess the premise is they, abc tv, polled some folks and asked them for their top 25 or maybe gave them a list and had them vote.  i’m not really sure in that regard.  doesn’t really matter as it’s all subjective and they didn’t ask me or you about anything.

see the deal is, oj simpson was one of the best college football running backs ever.  period.  the amazing and interesting thing is he played div 1 football for just 2 years.  his first 2 college football years were at a junior college in san francisco.  then he became a trojan and ran roughshod over the pac 10 for the next 2 years along with whoever else usc was playing that particular weekend.

so the point or points being, did abc tv put him on the list?  yes, of course, he skated on his murder trial beef so technically he isn’t a convicted murderer.  when the time comes i’m sure he probably won’t have much of a wait in hell’s waiting room.  someone has probably already been assigned to wait for his arrival so things will progress smoothly from that point on.  perhaps the only real justice we will ever see regarding the whole affair.  veering here.

i mean you have to put him on the list.  right?  or at least i’m assuming so.  then as a voter do you vote for him?  for that matter, if i was voting in the poll would i vote for him?   i mean his 64 yard td run against the bruins in 1967 is one of the most amazing runs ever.  then you throw in the whole year of 1968 plus his rose bowl stuff and you have one of the greatest players of all time.  does it matter that after 30 or so years of being one of america’s idols and icons he slipped into madness and killed a couple of people then got away with it? 

i guess we will find out in the coming months of the college football season as abc reveals who the players are.  we will find out if he even made the list.  yeah, he probably did.  more importantly did anyone vote for him?  can the 2 oj’s be separated?  do we really want to separate them?  probably not but we shall see.



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