something is in the air pt 4

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time for this weeks adventure into the 3rd round of the college football circus.  just remember kids this is for entertainment purposes only.  so don’t rush out and drop the kid’s college fund on any of these flights of fancy.  the points given here are from an on line site i look at that has a number of odds from various other sites.  things could change before the games are played but i’m going by what i have here.

tcu at air force  the airdales did ok last week and i love their style of football.  that being said they haven’t beaten tcu in years for whatever reasons.  it’s been awhile but tcu is coming back into big time college football play.  they might be for real this year.  tcu wins by 8.

notre dame at michigan  this game started out at 9.5 and it’s down to 7.5 today with michigan still the favorites.  i’m going to have to go with michigan on this one.  the golden domers might pull it off but if the big blue doesn’t finally win one things could get really ugly in ann arbor.  michigan wins by 7.5

fresno st at oregon  go ducks.  fresno st is one of the few smaller div 1 schools that schedules as many big time div 1 programs as they can.  the point being one of these days they will be one of the big boys.  good program and you have to give them props for trying.  however, oregon is in their early season form of beating just about anyone they play.  oregon wins by 16.

ohio st at washington  yes, of course, washington wins or covers the meager 4 point spread.  this is one of those must wins for ty and the gang and i think they are up for it. 

arkansas at alabama  this one should be a good one.  arkansas is rated and bama ain’t though bama is favored.   bama is one of my favorite teams going back to the days of bear bryant.  at one point they were on tv more than any other college football team.  bama is coming back after some miss fires with coaches and the poor mike price fiasco.  bama wins by 3.

usc at nebraska  a week off for the boys of troy should have them chomping at the bit to steamroller the corn dawgs.  nothing is ever easy but the trojans win by 10.

hawaii at unlv  yeah, i added one this week. only because i wanted to yammer a bit about hawaii and colt brennen, who is on everyone heisman short list.  the guy is good and hawaii has had an incredible offense for years.  plus june jones can coach.  colt will probably throw for at least 400 yds this weekend.  however, they didn’t cover the points last week and damn near lost up front to louisiana monroe.  with a dumb scheduling move they travel again this week to unlv, that’s two long hauls in a row for them.  they might be kids and seemingly able to handle it but jet lag is what it is, regardless.  plus unlv has always given them a hard time.  unlv covers the 17 points which has come down from 17.5 to 16.5 now back up to 17.  bottom line unlv covers 17.

there they are 7 of the best for this weekend.  don’t get overtly stupid with any of this and things will be just fine.  after all it’s just entertainment.



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