college football wrap up week 3

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yeah, i’m changing the name.  hopefully this will be a bit more user friendly than the ‘something is in the air’ moniker.  plus it’s easier to type.

4 for 7.  not too bad but i stayed away from the ucla game and i should have avoided the hawaii game as well.  hindsight is always 20/20. 

air force is somewhat surprising.  it looks like they have some game this year.  good for them.  a good one coming up next saturday.

notre dame is sinking fast.

the ducks steamroller on.

washington did ok.  they get the bruins on the road next weekend for what could be the pac 10 match up of the week.

usc juggernauts along.  the hard thing is to sit and listen to clint brushbugger yammer away for hours.  i’m sure clint is a nice guy and it would probably be fun to sit and have a few drinks with him but for sheer nauseating game announcing no one comes close.  bring back dan fouts, please.  offer, ketih jackson, enough money to make him actually want to come back and die in the saddle.  come back and do what he wanted to avoid.  whoa, nellie, please.
the bama arkansas game was the game of the week, in my opinion.  for excitement there’s nothing like a college game coming down to the last few minutes with everything still on the line.  a great game and one both schools will talk about for years to come.

hawaii rolls nicely as well.  good for them.  however, the end of their season looms.

next weeks picks are up on wednesday.



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