time to go (from the vault)

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a re-post from sept of 2007.  it fits the current life i’m leading.  or something.

this one came up yesterday at some point or another between some friends and myself.  to begin with i rarely take my own advice so maybe you shouldn’t either though in this case it might be worth considering.

so how do you know if your girlfriend is a psycho or your boyfriend, ladies, for that matter?  other than them slicing your throat on a moonless night in june in brentwood or gunning you down on the street in brooklyn, it’s more or less a sorta crap shoot.  when is it time to pull the pin on a relationship?  after the restraining order is filed and approved?  ah, probably a bit too late plus the cops have other shit to do.  the dog soldiers in your town are too over worked to baby sit.   

one postulated it was time to leave when she started to babble.  yeah, that’s a good sign.  time to pull up stakes and move on.  my advice was leave after the first, ‘that’s fucked up’, thought crosses through your fried mind.  meaning, if you say that to yourself about your girlfriend in response to something she has done or said, it’s time to bail out.  forget about how great the sex is or she’s a wonderful mother or cook or what the fuck ever.  it’s over.  it’s only going to get worse.  the magic is gone.  as my long dead italian grandmother used to tell me there are plenty of fish in the sea. 

yeah, simple enough words from a simple peasant lady from the old country.  something worthy of consideration.  why let things progress to the point of violence or restraining orders or whatever other insanity you can come up with?  it ain’t worth it.  leave.  go.  bail out.  ditch the plane in the ocean.  find some other sucker, er ah, person.

people do weird shit.  or stay in weird shit.  for the shittiest of reasons.  it makes no sense.  though i suppose to them it makes some sort of bizarre sense.  but bottom line some piece of paper with a judge’s signature on it is not kryptonite to a psycho.  far from it.  it only seems to fan the fire of insanity to greater heights of lunacy and mayhem.

my readers are probably going he’s the wacko.  why leave after one, ‘that’s fucked up’, crosses your mind?  why indeed.  why?  because things will never ever be the same in that relationship.  period.  count on it.  past experience from just another old fuck who’s been kicked around by every she bat in this town…i’m a monkey…man.  tangents and i don’t mean to make light of this.  sorry.

there’s a dead young lady in brooklyn this morning who’s child watched her die on a dirty sidewalk while her mother held her in her dying arms.  sadly, there’s probably a few dozen more all over the country and planet this morning as well, all with similar circumstances and tragic stories.   there’s plenty more fish in the sea.  get out before it’s too late.  when that simple thought, ‘that’s fucked up’, passes through your mind it’s time.  simple enough.  i guess it’s just too hard to do.  too hard or we are just too kind hearted or…



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