college football picks week 4

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12 for 19 so far with league play starting this weekend for most of the schools.  league play means if anything could happen during the first 3 weeks it might get even more interesting with the end of the year money hanging out there like a carrot in front of a donkey. just remember this is for fun only and if you get stupid and run to someone or place thinking you will hit the lottery, you are sadly mistaken and very possibly insane.  read the numbers again up top.  do the math.  that being said here’s the locks for the weekend.

air force at byu, byu plus 11. this is another match-up of the old wac.  both teams have some past games that have run the scores up into damn near high triple digits.  i don’t think that’s going to happen this week.  though we shall see.  i also don’t think air force will win but i think they can cover the spread.  take air force and the points.

arizona at california, cal plus 16.  i’m sorta surprised this one isn’t a larger spread.  but that’s ok.  it’s better this way.  cal wins by the 16.

iowa at wisconsin, wisconsin plus 7 1/2. iowa did their their usual ‘el foldo’ against iowa st last weekend or at least that’s been the case the past few years.  wisconsin is pretty good this year and with a home game here against the embarrassed hawkeyes they might have some trouble.  yes, well, take wisconsin. i think they will win by at least 10.

oregon at stanford, oregon plus 17.  the ducks are hot and i hope they stay hot.  stanford is a spoiler anymore and they love that roll.  that being said i think it’s still a bit early for the ducks to lose. take oregon and they win by at least 17. 

georgia at alabama, bama by 3 1/2.  another home game for the tide against another sec rival.  last weeks game against arkansas was one of the greats.  bama is still on that jazz, they win by the 3 1/2.

washington st at usc, usc plus 25.  powerhouse trojans might have their hands full with the cougars but it’s a home game and they mean business this year.  the cougars have given them trouble in the past but i think pete has probably figured out how to end it this weekend.  take usc to cover and win.

washington at ucla, ucla plus 7. coach karl has been all over the radio this week saying all the right things about ucla’s horrible performance last week.  i guess that’s why they are favored.  some of you might still remember that he is the lloyd carr of the pac 10.  if hadn’t beat usc last year he might be gone.  this is probably going to be the pac 10 game of the week.  both coaches have something to prove.  but the youngsters from washington have maybe even more.  washington might not win but they cover the 7 points.

there you go.  i did another 7 this week in order to get things back to an even number so the batting average is easier to figure out.  demon dyslexia.  enjoy the games and leave your money in your wallets.  it’s the sane thing to do.



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