it was a fair day

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we went to the la county fair today.  we hadn’t been in a number of years.  usually it’s just bloody awfully hot and nasty this time of year and it was a bit earlier in the month.  however, it’s cooled off considerably and there was even a shower this morning that bodes more rain tomorrow afternoon.  fine we need the stuff.  almost desperately.

the la county fair has been around for, jesus, god only knows how many years.  it’s one of those things that you go to as a kid and remember fondly but as an adult it’s one of those…well, we haven’t gone in a few years maybe we should go this year deals.  of course, g/f is up for it most of the time.  though when it’s hot and nasty and we go it’s like ah, no thanks the next few years.  fine by me.

today’s trip probably had the nicest weather i can remember.  75 or so tops with some really nice overhead cloud action going down as well.  as an armature weather doppler stooge i’m thinking at some point we just might get some nice rainfall tomorrow.  bring it on.

we used to eat at the fair.  yeah, used to.  the bbq’s smell nice and all but the getting down to the eating of them is like, hmmm, this is shit and i just paid almost an arm and a leg for the crap.  or well, lets have the pizza in this place.  we did that twice and each time was just ghastly.  you learn things on a curve i suppose.  so today we had some nice chinese beef noodle soup and a couple of chive cakes with a shit pot of chives, glass noodles, egg in a chinese deli before we went to the fair.  good shit to be sure.  the only thing we ate at the fair was a fairly decent chocolate and peanut covered ice cream bar.  that was dessert.

the rest of the time was spent wandering around looking for something that you can barely find on the internet so why would it be at the fair?  good damn question and one i asked several times, mostly under my breathe.  the whole time under a greasy cloud off bbq grease smoke.  i love bbq just as much as the next guy but when assaulted by the smell of countless bbqs and the ubiquitous turkey leg on a grill smell along with the crappy ribs, beef, and chicken it gets to be…um, i’m getting a bit queasy from all the fat in the air and grease in general to the point that our semi buddhist like eating habits maybe should get more buddhist like.  ya think?  well, that’s not going to happen real soon as our semi vegetarian eating life style is just fine.  a growing boy, of pushing 60, needs some red meat or chicken or the other white meat upon occasion. fish doesn’t count. count on it.

it’s probably a good thing that greasy bbq smoke doesn’t contain cholesterol.  though i’m sure the talking heads of tvland will come up with some sort of cancerous connection very soon.  something we will all come to, yes, come to, come to…make us want to drink more and more.  yes, that’s it.  god, the horror of it all.  greasy bbq smoke causes terminal stupidity and testicular and/or breast cancer.  what the fuck?  exactly.

at any rate, after hours of wandering around the place that hasn’t changed much since our last visit or not even that much since my first visit as a wee lad, loo those eons ago, we stumbled back to the car and left. 

i must say the g/f can soldier on.  bad knee and all.  she is a trooper.  she has shown the soldier deal on numerous occasions in our travels.  from hawaii, and a walk that looked like a piece of cake that turned out to be miles of forced marching. then today and a walk in the greasy smoke of the la county fair.  she can soldier with the best of them. marching wise.  well, yeah, she went to bed early mumbling about stuff and can i get out of bed in the morning? 

yes, this was written last night.



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