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i’m 15 for 26, tepid at best.  so just like some degenerate gambler after a sorta hosing at whatever their game of choice might be that week, day, hour or minute before, they want to double up to make up for that loss.  in that desperate spirit of things i’m doing 8 games this week.  i almost started humming that old beatles tune.  at any rate, remember i’m going by a collection of the odds from one site and i found another with a collection as well. they are all pretty much in the same ball park.  if they change between now and saturday or when ever, what i have here is what i go by.  new readers, just remember if you take what i deal out and try to make some money on it and lose.  tough shit.  you are stupid and got what you deserve.

so miss at boise, boise up 10 points.  boise is pretty much unbeatable at home.  it’s the blue turf plain and simple.  so miss is one of those teams that on occasion will rain on your parade, big time.  they rain on the blue turf.  so miss covers or wins.  this will probably be a fun game to watch.

miss st at so carolina, spurrier’s boys up 13 1/2. this is another fun one to watch.  so carolina should win this one by a touchdown or 2, no problem, i hope.  take so carolina.

notre dame at purdue, purdue up 22. the hapless domers find themselves in trouble again this weekend.  i’m not going into why as you’ve read and heard them all before.  purdue wins by the 22 or more.

byu at new mexico, byu by 5 1/2.  yes, i love the old wac.  new mexico was supposed to suck this year.  byu has done a fine job so far.  then why are they only  up by 5.5?  questions i have no answers for, so that being said take byu.

usc at washington, usc by 20 1/2.  coach ty is in for a rumble this weekend.  good team that just isn’t quite ready for pasting a team the likes of the trojans.  usc wins by at least the 20.5. however, if they get lazy or stupid they won’t cover and could lose.  usc by the 20.5.

ucla at oregon st, toss up.  a toss up because the bruins have no clue who is starting at qb.  injuries abound at that spot.  though the new kid had some nice numbers last week.  oregon st can and will beat you if you aren’t careful.  so with coach karl’s tendency to do stupid stuff at all the wrong times, oregon st wins.

ariz st at stanford, ariz st by 14.  this one is put up or shut up for the old oregon hand, erickson.  ariz st is the surprise of the pac 10 so far this year.  they quietly gone about their business and are 4 and 0.  stanford as the spoiler.  not this weekend.  ariz st wins by the 14.

calif at oregon, calif by 5 1/2. this is the pac 10 match of the week.  it should be lights out football with a final score to rival the old dead wac.  i love these kinds of games.  defense?  i have no time for it.  i have points to put on the board.  oregon is pretty tough to beat at home. and if they trot out some bizarre color combo for their uniforms this week it just might throw the bears for a loop.  how’s that for scientific logic?  plus the ducks fans are probably the most rabid in the pac 10. it’s still not time for them to lose.  ducks win and or cover. go ducks!!!

there ya go, an 8 game week.  remember this is just for fun and using these picks for a shot at a better life or vacation retreat would be borderline depravity.  keep your money in your wallets where it belongs.



2 thoughts on “college football week 5 picks

    Todd said:
    September 26, 2007 at 7:06 pm

    I think you mean that Oregon is -5.5 at home, with Cal being the underdog. Thanks for the Duck props though! Autzen fans are rowdy, for sure!

    johnhauge responded:
    September 27, 2007 at 12:32 am

    i’m dyslexic. the whole deal is confusing. you knew what i meant. thanks for the comment. i hope you come back every week. go ducks!!!

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