ducks and beavers fans beavers and ducks fans

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the past few days both of you guys have made this old college football hand very happy.   you folks have put my blog hit count up into pretty much undreamable numbers, thank you all very much.   in particular i want to thank who ever it was who linked me to and you fans are amazing.  i’m a native so calif guy and i love the trojans, yeah well, sue me.  however, the oregon schools are very close to my heart.  it’s  one of those west coast things.  i know you understand.  the pac 10 rules and the oregon schools help make it so.  thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart.   all of you have made me very happy.  i hope some of you stick around and read the the regular usual drivel i dish out.   that being said, the usual college football picks arrive here on wednesday morning.  your amazing participation is something i will always cherish.  thank you.  go ducks!!!!  go beavers!!!!

music provided by, janis joplin with big brother and the holding co, ‘piece of my heart’.



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