of mice and men (with apologies to steinbeck)

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it didn’t look like it was going to be one of those days but it turned out to be anyway.  just another day for the best laid plans of mice and men.

the whole thing got rolling at breakfast.  g/f was home taking a vacation day.  what do you want to eat for breakfast?  um, egg rolls, but not fried.  we’ll nuke em first then put them in the toaster oven.  yeah, ok, sounds good.  i’ll get them going.  the toaster oven, however, wasn’t cooperating.  the fucker was only working half way.  time for a new one.

i tossed the old one out and g/f says since we are going out for the toaster oven i want some new toilet seats for the toilets.  fine, ok.  i’m thinking the damn things are fairly new but from years of experience i sorta know not to argue.  sometimes. 

we figure this will be just a one stop shopping trip plus a quick stop for a few groceries.  we know what size toaster oven we need.  it can only be so big or it won’t fit where it’s been for like ever.  i’m even bringing along the tape measure just to make sure it all works out.  it’s 9am and off we go.

of course the toilet seat deal is a bust but we find a nice toaster oven and the measurements seem to be just right.  cool.  well, we stop at another half dozen places looking at toilet seats.  none of which suit the g/f for a variety of reasons.  by this time it’s almost noon so we decide to give up on the seat search and go home.

the new toaster oven is a very nice stainless steel model with all of the new bells and whistles.  only thing is the new toaster oven is too fucking big for it’s spot.  just a quarter of an inch or less to fucking big.  oh, we could have shoved the damn thing into it’s spot but it would just mean trouble in the long run.  we take it back and get our money back then hit the road again looking for another toaster oven. 

we go back to the same stores we had already been to looking for the seats but this time we are looking for a toaster oven, again.  none of the damn things is the right size.  g/f is like maybe we should just go back and get the same model from the first store and just jam it in place.  i say no to that deal.  i’m not walking back in that store to buy the same fucking toaster oven i originally bought, then returned, then go back and buy it again.  jesus, if i were the store i’d call the mental health cops and the real ones as well.

when we finally got home yesterday afternoon around 3pm we still didn’t have a toaster oven.  they are all too damn large.  now the plan is to rearrange shit in the kitchen in order to make room for the larger size.  thankfully, we found 3 possibilities at a store just down the street.  at least no driving all over town again.  or that’s my hope.

the toilet seats? g/f went on line after dinner last night and found just what she was looking for.  she’s buying 3.  one for each throne.  if only the rest of the day had been so easy.



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