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those of you who have been following my wii game playing saga, yes, it’s been awhile, will maybe remember that i was very unhappy with the nintendo wii/ea sports, tiger woods pga tour 2007 edition, or the game with his face and name on the damn thing from last year.  that game is still a rather large piece of stinky whale crap stuck to the bottom of your golf spikes.  if you are insane, you can still find it these days on the shelves of most video game stores for a bit under $30.  buy it for someone you hate.  i traded mine in on the new game and got $12 off the new version’s sticker price, an ok deal. 

amazingly enough the tiger woods pga tour 2008 edition is pretty good.  i’ve been playing it for a couple of weeks now with none of the problems the other game dished out.  well, so far no major problems with this version.  that’s not to say this version of the game doesn’t have a few troubles but it’s miles ahead of the 2007 game.  my biggest complaint so far is the difficulty in getting a decent swing at a ball around the green.  short chip shots are a crap shoot.  the ball either goes way over the pin or 2 feet in front of you.  that takes some of the fun away but there’s ways around that, like just hit the green from the fairway or the tee or putting the ball from the fringe.  putting has been no problem at all right from the start.  putting in the 2007 game was a major problem.

the other main gripe i have is the practice modes are still an arcade game.  fine for kids and gamesters but us old school guys just want a bucket of balls and some open space to hit the damn things around.  just practice, not play some stupid arcade golf game. surely there must be room in the program for a simple practice area where you can hone your skills with all the clubs. tiger, are you listening?

the graphics are still stellar but they weren’t the problem with last years model.  lots of courses to play and they are the best of the lot.  supposedly tiger’s favorites, firestone, doral, pebble beach, riviera, which i still find amusing as he hasn’t played the la open in years because he doesn’t like the grass or something.  plus a number of other  famous courses are available for play.

this edition of the game is, in my opinion, still not user friendly but it is getting better.  i don’t know, maybe it’s me, just being an old school golfer plus an old stooge might be the problem.  at least with this game there are no glitches when crunching the crap out of a ball off the tee.  also with this game it’s much easier to line all your shots up from anywhere on the course.  there’s some nifty sound effects and some other stuff which are ok but in the long run they are just battery drainers. 

i prefer just playing one of the courses and ripping away, which can be done in the play now mode.  for the more ‘gamester’ inclined there are all sorts of hoops to jump through in order to ‘unlock’ courses and other stuff.  the ‘tiger challenge’ is the main avenue for that route.  the tiger challenge is a series of challenges you have to pass in order to unlock courses and earn some sort of player ‘rep’.  the problem with that is once you start a block of challenges i don’t think you can save what you have passed if you want to quit right in the middle.  maybe you can but i don’t think so.  plus you really wouldn’t want to be half way thru one of the challenges and end up losing what you have and starting over again. 

i went through the first challenge series.  well, twice.  i lost the last challenge and had to start over again from the beginning.  it’s not that it was hard it’s just time consuming.  in fact they make it rather easy for you to get through the first group of challenges.  that is unless you screw up, then it bites you in the ass, big time. 

i’m more than happy to just play the courses and earn some bucks to buy better clubs and other equipment rather than go through all the hassle of the challenge.  ah, yes, the final challenge is 18 holes against tiger at pebble beach.  however, you can play him anytime you want in the play now mode and on any course the game has to offer.  i suppose, i will get through the challenge stuff eventually but for now i’m very content shooting under par at firestone and doral or any of the other courses.  yes, under par, i have the game set in the easy mode and it will stay there until i get bored with it.  even in the easy mode the game isn’t that easy and it’s a work out if you tee it up and take a real golf swing at the ball or else where on the course.  after 36 holes, or more, you know you’ve had your exercise for the day.   

ok.  so, here it is.  the tiger woods pga tour 2008 golf game is a definite winner, buy it.  it isn’t a 10 and i may run into or come across some nasty glitch down the road but so far that hasn’t happened.  by this time with the 2007 version i was already so pissed off i didn’t want to play the game anymore.  this years version is a 7 or an 8.  the 2007 version, in comparison, was and is, a 2 or 3.  if you enjoy the game of golf, the tiger woods pga tour 2008 nintendo wii game is for you.



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    Video Games » more of the wii in mii said:
    September 30, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    […] Sunit wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptok. so, here it is. the tiger woods pga tour 2008 golf game is a definite winner, buy it. it isn’ta 10 and i may run into or come across some nasty glitch down the road but so far that hasn’t happened. by this time with the 2007 version … […]

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    September 30, 2007 at 5:18 pm

    thanks, drop by again any time.

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