college football week 5 wrap up

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the pounding on the door woke him up.  it took a second or two to realize it was morning, the sun was up, and he was still drunk.  very drunk.  stumbling to the door he opened it.  two thugs pushed their way inside.  the larger of the two shut the door and stood by it.

the smaller one spoke.

‘so where were you last night?  it looks like getting drunk on your sorry ass.  and that’s no excuse.  there are no excuses.  you know the rules.  payment is due on bets at midnight sharp.  pay up now plus another $1,000 in vig for our trouble.  don’t fucking piss don vincenzo off any more than he already is.’

standing there in his under ware, head down looking at the floor he thought, good thing i’m still drunk.  maybe the broken bones won’t hurt so bad.

what an abysmal weekend for picks.  the above scenario will probably occur in a few places today or over the next few days.  it’s what happens when you get really stupid and take some internet douche bags picks to your local ‘sports authority’ and lay the rent money on the line.

3 for 8.  18 for 34 over all.  barely keeping my head above water.  at least i’m smart enough to not take my own advice.

what happened?  it was one of those weekends where the points weren’t covered or in the case of some top 25 teams just losing out right.  the game of the week, cal and oregon, was a depressing defensive struggle the first half.  cal finally putting a damper on the rabid duck crowd in their home pond.  cal looks to be for really real.  my childhood favorites lost a week or two sooner than i expected.  i wonder if dan fouts got hammered last night?

ucla at oregon st turned into to an easy win for the bruins.  the beavers just never really got into the game until it was too late.  ucla gets the golden domers next at home.  more on that train wreck this wednesday.

usc and washington should prove what i’ve been saying here and elsewhere for years.  ty willingham is a damn good coach and should have the huskies back up on top or near the top of the pac 10 in a year or so.  bringing them back into the national picture for the first time since the, don james days.  that is minus his recruiting scandals and assorted other stuff.  pete carroll needs a haircut and for some reason he looked like a new born kitten agog at the whole deal for most of the game.  no idea what’s up there.  clint brushbugger remains a crappy announcer.  why is abc bringing up keith jackson every week?  are they some sort of sadists?  making us remember keith and just how good the guy was while we sit and suffer through clint.  crap.

arizona st looks like they might be for real as well by handling the trees of stanford rather easily.  the meat of their schedule looms.  just how large remains to be seen.

ok.  that’s it for week 5.  the week 6 picks are up on wednesday morning.  i have to go, someone is pounding on the door.



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