dog soldiers

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dog soldiers.  gi’s.  dog faces.  grunts.  jar heads.  swabbies.  airdales.  it all amounts to the same thing.  we don’t have enough of them for the coming war with iran.  of course the whole thing is crazy.  when were the politicos ever sane?  not in my lifetime.  it seems that more people are talking about this war here and elsewhere every day.  the drums of war, a rumor of war, the dogs of war, all a very fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, again, stanley.

if this war comes about and the fools let it happen all the cruise missiles and stealth bombers along with the aged b-52’s can thump and bomb the mullahs back to the stone age visions of gen curtis lemay.  turn iran into one big pockmark sorta like nam was.  the thing is all the techno bullshit will only get you so far.  to go further and actually hold the pockmarks, or hamburger hills, or heartbreak ridges, or bastsognes you need the ground pounders.  lots of them. 

of course the generals wax and wane on this matter.  buy the company or government line and say whatever it takes to keep their job.  guess we’ve all been there a time or two.  we are spread too thin now.  if the insanity of war breaks out with iran, where are the troopees coming from?  they will come from your living room, your local high school senior class, your church and anywhere else you call home.  yeah, it will mean a draft.   there are really no two ways about it.  it would be that or make every person already in the service an indentured servant and keep them in until all the cows come home to roost sometime in the next century.  that won’t happen.  or maybe it will and spare everyone out there the heartbreak of receiving a letter from your government that begins with, ‘greetings’.  just leaving even more heartbreak for those already in the service and their families.

the really scary thing is all of us old vets might not escape either.  sorta like my semi recurring ptsd dream which i’ve blogged about here.  i’m back in the army and i can’t get out.  and something my friend, dfr, has been saying for years, if things get too out of hand we will end up like germany at the close of ww2.  junior high school age draftees and 60 year old ww1 vets out on the front lines.  yeah, it’s a possibility.  it’s also a possibility your daughter will be there as well. 

israel has already made a strike at syria.  iran is just making things worse with their trip to the un and that bizarre speech.  then a trip down south to visit chavez to see what that old commie can bring to the table.  the ruskies are flying their really really old bombers near alaska again after not doing so for many years.  putin wants to be made prime minister.  no election just do it.  seems like shit is being stock piled very close at hand in order to make it easier for tossing into the fan blades of life.  if that happens we will all get splattered.   

it’s as if things just move along on their own.  breathing a life into what ever is necessary to let the power brokers and their brethren do what ever the hell it is they think they should be doing.  for whatever convoluted reasons.  ain’t nothing we can do about it.  never has been.  you are delusional to think otherwise.  you think lady machill is going to change things?  think again.  you think anyone is going to change things?  think again.  will china sit idle twiddling their thumbs and let us take over the oil in iran?  for that matter india as well.  oil drives the world’s economy.  plain and simple.  you may not like that but if half the population suddenly turned into, ed begley jr, things wouldn’t change.

the driver less steamroller rolls on.  it’s getting to that place in the road where the road starts to go downhill.  if it gets to that point, the steamroller becomes the oil tanker in spielberg’s first movie, ‘duel’, a mad driver less oil tanker from hell.  hell bent on killing us all.  one dog soldier at a time.




One thought on “dog soldiers

    gracie jane said:
    October 22, 2007 at 2:05 am

    Words fail me.

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