college football week 6 picks

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alright let’s get ready for some college football.  this weeks picks are a compilation of odds from several sources.  if they change before saturday too bad.  what’s here is here.  do not take any of these suggestions as something that came from a burning bush up on mt wilson or any other mountain, for that matter.  these are just games that strike my fancy and as usual pac 10 loaded.  if you bet on college football or use these ideas and lose you are a dumb ass and need mental help.

kentucky at so carolina, so carolina favored by 3 1/2 as well they should be.  kentucky is coming off hard times and seem to have something going for them.  however, not this game.  spurrier and his boys take care of biz.  so carolina wins by at least the 3 1/2.

utah at louisville, louisville favored by 14 1/2, if the game were in utah i think the points would be a bit less.  utah has played a few good games this year.  ask coach karl of the bruins.  louisville stumbled early.  that was their wake up call.  lose early in the college season and you are ok.  this might be a great game.  louisville will win by at least the 14 1/2.

nebraska at missouri, missouri favored by 7.  if there is a college football god missouri will win by at least the 7.

arizona at oregon st, the beavers favored by 5 points.  this should be no problem for oregon st.  the ducks are off this week so they have the whole state watching.  i think they will put on a good show.  oregon st wins by at least the 5.

arizona st at washington st, ariz st favored by 9.  this is the only game where i have the road team winning.  it’s just one of those weeks.  the sun devils sorta silently roll on.  each week they make a bit more noise.  this weekends game should be a loud noise.  ariz st wins by at least the 9.

notre dame at ucla, ucla favored by 21 points.  if coach karl doesn’t do anything stupid things should go well for the bruins.  that being said, if charlie can get his kids up for this one the bruins just might have a game on their hands.  the golden domers might not win anything until they play their pentagon teams later in the season.  maybe.  ucla wins by at least the 21 points though this one has me worried.

stanford at usc, usc favored by 37 1/2.  i’ve been burned by the big point spread of the trojans a time or two this year.  i haven’t learned anything from the experience.  the trojans semi lackluster performance last week and being dropped to number 2 should mean the usc will have something to prove this week.  the unlucky trees are their victims.  usc wins by at least the 37 1/2.

utah st at hawaii, hawaii favored by 38 1/2.  another big point spread.  utah st is pretty much a hapless squad this year.  if da kine plays like they should and colt plays like he wants the heisman they will win easily.  hawaii wins by at least the 38 1/2.

there ya go.  i’m 18 for 34 over all and these little numbers should bring my head back above water. remember to leave your money in your wallets and just enjoy the games.  only a dumb fuck would listen to my college football betting advice.



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