college football week 6 wrap up

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what a dismal dull affair this weeks picks were.  3 for 8 and now just 21 for 42.  i took a thrashing.  aren’t you glad you don’t listen to my advice?  if i would only avoid it as well.  the best thing about saturday night was i was eating the best rib eye steak i’ve had in years at the ‘arroyo chop house’ in pasadena instead of watching football.  what could be better than drinking a very nice cabernet and eating a great steak perfectly prepared?  perhaps winning some more games.  maybe.

there is really nothing much to say about the trojans lose.  other than the look i noticed on pete’s face last weekend.  plus the fact that stanford is liable to beat anyone on any given weekend.  they were the last team to beat the trojans at home 6 years ago.  interesting.

notre dame finally wins one.  of course it had to be against the bruins while i was dinning just down the road from the rose bowl.  charlie weis said it best when he said there was nothing to say about their wretched season other than winning on the field being the best response.  win they did.  ucla’s quarterback problems not with standing.

thankfully missouri handled nebraska rather well.  good for them.

oregon st a nice win against arizona.

an even nicer win was the so carolina game.  the old coach can still coach.

arizona st goes 6 and 0.  they had some trouble against the cougars and didn’t cover the points.  we will see just how for real they are in the next few weeks.

hawaii wins but utah st gave them a run for their money.  the real meat of hawaii’s schedule is their last 3 games.

that’s a wrap for this week.  maybe next week will be a better one.  maybe not.  leave your money in your wallets and things will be ok.  also not listening to my advice would be an extremely good idea. 



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