college football week 7 picks

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after last weekends debacle it’s time to see if i can get my stats up into something other than the doldrums of college football analysis.  21 for 42 isn’t anything to get excited about.  plus if you are using these picks to buy that castle on the rhine you are probably pretty upset and have feelers out trying to find me.  good luck in that regard.  though i suppose if you go the opposite you might be a bit happier but not that much.  either way you are a dumb ass for even thinking about betting on football games.  that being said, let’s get ready to lose our shirts, again.

hawaii at san jose st, hawaii favored by 19.  that number has gone up a point and a half.  san jose st had an ok game last week but i don’t think they are any where near ready to handle hawaii and their offense.  hawaii wins by the points or more.

washington st at oregon, oregon favored by 18.  the ducks should win this one easily.  though it’s one of those games where anything can happen.  they’ve had a week off and should be chomping at the bit to get out there and stick some points up on the board.  lots of them.  oregon wins by at least the 18.

boston college at notre dame, bc favored by 13 1/2 points.  this is the annual pope bowl.  generally a pretty good game.  it might even be better this year as bc has a pretty good team and the golden domers finally got a win last week against ucla, who everyone thought might have a good team. drifting.  the 13 plus points might be a bit much but if bc’s offense can mangle the domers defense like most everyone else has they will manage.  bc wins by the 13 1/2 or more.

oregon st at california, cal favored by 14 points.  this could be another good game.  the beavers had a good game last week and the bears were off.  if this game were in oregon i’d take the points and the beavers.  it isn’t so i have the bears to win by the 14.

lsu at kentucky, lsu favored by 9 1/2 points.  i’ve heard the sports talk guys yammering away about how tough the sec is and that probably the only team that can beat lsu is florida.  after last weeks lose to so carolina i think kentucky is ready for the tigers.  they will win or at least cover the 9 1/2 points giving lsu it’s first lose of the year.   

washington at arizona st, arizona st favored by 12.  another good one in the making here.  if it were up in washington i’d take ty and the huskies to cover or maybe even win.  they still might but i’m taking the sun devils to win by the 12.

arizona at usc, usc favored by 21.  it’s come down 1 point.  the boys of troy should win this one.  even if coach pete still has that deer in the headlights look and the kid sanchez starts at qb.  booty with the broken finger.  start the kid anyways even if booty can go.  usc has something to prove.  they win by the 21 regardless.

tcu at stanford, tcu favored by 6.  i had to have this one after the trees did usc in last week.  can they beat the tcu horny toads or what ever the hell they are?  can they keep their spoiler mystic alive?  yeah, what the hell.  the trees cover the points or win.  again.

there ya go this weeks picks.  keep your money in your wallets and things will be ok.  remember if the line changes that’s too bad.  what’s here is what i go by.  don’t be stupid and see you sunday for the wrap-up.



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