college football week 9 wrap-up

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ok. i didn’t do too bad but 5 for 8 isn’t anything earth shaking.  a monkey could probably luck out and go 5 for 8 as well.  if you took all of my picks and bet them you are crazy and you deserve whatever happened.

boston college finally broke the curse of the number 2 team.  good for them.  i’m looking forward to the ducks and the eagles in a BIG bowl game.

boise st plays on.  not much to be said there.

iowa st covered the points very well and if any of you out there had any sense at all that game was the one to bet.  i told you.

it’s obvious that usc’s latest dynasty seems to be over.  sanchez had only one really good series of plays.  he at least got some experience.  the ducks should run the rest of the table.  hopefully they won’t get hosed in the bcs deal like they did in 2001.  go ducks!!

so carolina and the old ball coach damn near pulled the rabbit out of the hat on this one.  tenn just covers with that overtime field goal.  lucky them.

washington st hands the bruins their shorts.  the crappy bruin team showed up in pullman.  hard to say just what’s going to happen with them the rest of the season.  nice job cougars.

arizona st stays afloat.  the cal bears lose 3 in a row for the first time since capt john smith proposed back in the old days.  good games coming up for both schools.  time tells.

joe pa and his boys just didn’t manage to bring much to the table against the dreaded ohio st buckeyes,  who just keep on going.  they should should keep it up and hopefully michigan will put an end to things.

there ya go. some very good games out there this week.  i spent most of my time watching the pac 10 stuff on fox.  thankfully, they put the usc/duck game on instead of 2 hockey games.  what in god’s name were they thinking?  i hope you kept your money in your wallets where it belongs. 



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