44 years ago this month

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it’s a bit early in the month for this but i was thinking about it and, well, you know how that goes.  yeah,  it’s amazing, 44 years ago.  kind of like 3 or 4 lifetimes ago for some of us.  i’ll bet a vast number of you out there weren’t even born when the sad sick deal went down.  or were too young to realize or remember much of what happened.   at any rate, we’ve all seen several films of the insanity, a thousand times or more.  maybe even read a book or 300 on the subject.  to me, it still seems like yesterday.  it started out like any other normal day, i was as a sophmore in high school eating lunch with a friend when it hit the fan. literally and figuratively.  the nation and maybe the world changed that day.  sure he was no saint and maybe not even that great a leader but we are all the worse for it.  maybe things would have changed regardless.  changed in some other manner but the point being, things changed.   on that day a wacked out sick fuck who thought of himself as a cop/spy and super marxist hero, capped king jack.  alone.  all by himself.  sure, he was probably goaded or pushed into it but it probably didn’t take much.  the mob guys know what buttons to push.  certain other folks as well.  we are the worse for it.  ruby?  another sicko who did his job for himself and his lost jewish faith.  pure happen stance the junior mobster offed oswald.  us?  we still mourn, wonder, and conspiracy theory ourselves into making anybody with a theory on the deal some money.  save your money.  it’s all crap.



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