the dumbest guy on the planet(?) or the o j dilemma pt 2

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can anyone be more bizarre than o j simpson?  ok, sure there’s a number of folks i could mention but they didn’t kill their ex’s and some poor soul who just happened to be there at that moment of supreme insanity.  yahoo reports the feebs knew about his weird action in vegas.  of course, they did nothing about the deal or so that’s the report.  what the fuck?  yeah, well, it’s yahoo after all and the news as well.  pass me the salt shaker.

ok.  so like what does this whole weirdness in vegas  have to do with the abc greatest college football top 25 dudes?  or something.  i mean they still have weeks to go and mr o j was one of the best, ever, college football guys.  do his current troubles with the man in vegas have bad juju behind it with the abc pollsters?  unless i was passed out, i don’t recall seeing his name mentioned as yet.

i mean you have to include him someplace on the freaking list.  right?  yeah.  the dude could flat out run with the rock.  might not have been anyone better.  jim brown?  no, sorry as it may be, he was not in the juice’s foot loose and fancy free try and catch me league.  marcus allen?  bo dickerson?  see what i’m talking about?           

guess the bottom damn line is, the dumb ass stupid shit wife and waiter killing stupid dumb fuck murdering asshole is still one of the greatest ever college running backs.  period.  semi-colon.  semi-fore.  whatever.  guess the numb nutted dumb fuck can take it to prison with him.  finally.  or what?

well, of course, he needs to get through the stupid system first.  egg counting not with standing.  been there done that.  although johnnie cochran is dead.  doubt the other guys in the first go round are going to go for the gusto this time.  my money is on they are still waiting for theirs.  the l.a. pd ain’t involved.  yes, they take a ton of crap and at times it’s warranted but none of the cops in the first fiasco framed mr simpson.  count on it. 

this time it’s the vegas cops.  issues there as well.  l.a. and vegas city cops and the mob.  stuff like that doesn’t go away.  some sharp syhster can convolute some dumb fuck jury with that action.  count on it.  ask the dead johnnie c.         

slam dunks only count in basketball and wilt chamberlain was my man for that.  does o j slide again in court?  can the man or some underpaid d a screw the whole nut up again?  jesus, the mind reels at the stupidity of the whole sad demented saga of mr o j.



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