college football week 10 wrap-up

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3 for 8 this week.  more tepidness bordering on abysmal.  but i did win the important ones or the ones i thought were important.  if you have any live brain cells left you kept your money in your wallets. 

virginia tech/georgia tech.  what happened?

lsu/alabama.  good game and bama should have won.  lsu has a good squad but i think 3 or 4 teams in the pac-10 could beat them.  just an opinion but it’s probably true.

ucla/arizona.  ucla stunk up the place yet again.  i’m not blaming the heat though it may have been a factor as westwood doesn’t get as hot as most other places here in socal.  plus the bruin coaching job fell apart as usual.  as crappy as the wildcats are the bruins couldn’t beat them.

florida st/boston college. adios, boston college.

kansas st/iowa st.  iowa st wins one outright and in the process made some astute college betters very very happy.

washington st/california. the bears win but couldn’t manage to cover. what did i tell you?

oregon st/usc.  usc finally plays like they mean it.  usc would beat lsu if they played like they did yesterday.

arizona st/oregon.  the ducks handle the sun devils convincingly.  either team would have no trouble with lsu or ohio st for that matter.  if oregon can manage to win out they should go to the big dance.  or will the curse of the pac-10 haunt them again?  quack quack!!! go ducks!!!

i know it wasn’t a part of the package but navy finally ended a 43 year domination by the golden domers.   charlie weis has some issues.  next year should be interesting for the notre dame faithful.

see you wednesday with next weeks madness.  this is for fun only and not to be taken seriously by anyone who has any sense what so ever.  don’t be stupid.



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