college football week 11 picks

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time again for the madness a very large number of us live for.  college football.  pure and simple.  i’m going to do 9 picks this week in a feeble attempt to  try and play catch up with last weeks train wreck of 3 for 8.  plus i’m going on a road trip tomorrow for a week.  i wouldn’t look for a wrap up this sunday but i might make it late sunday evening, maybe, if i can get on a computer and am sober enough to type something semi coherent.  the picks for next week will be later than usual if they show up at all.  i suppose they will show up at some point late in the week, before saturday’s games.  yeah, well, good enough.  check in a bit later than usual.  just don’t get overly excited and do stupid stuff with these picks cause they are just for fun and not meant as betting advice.  capice?  i hope so.

fresno st at hawaii.  the islanders favored by 17 1/2.  this is hawaii’s first real test of the season by a decent team with a solid program team that has won a few games.  all though fresno has been a bit disappointing thus far.  i’m thinking the points are a bit too much.  hawaii should win this but they won’t cover the spread.  take fresno st to beat the spread.

tcu at byu.  this one might be the sleeper wild one of the weekend.  maybe even more points than the hawaii game.  byu favored by 7 1/2.  byu should win or cover but it isn’t going to be easy.

colorado at iowa st.  the odds guys keep bringing the point spread down each week for the iowa cyclones.  this week has colorado favored by 5.  big deal.  iowa st covers or wins.       

air force at notre dame.  air force favored by 3.  the golden domers get another shot at trying to hold down an offense that isn’t very conventional.  good luck, charlie.  air force should win this one even with it being in south bend and the irish losing to  another pentagon team last week for the first time since i was a freshman in high school.

arizona st at ucla.  the devils favored by 7.  as well they should be.  though it’s still one of those deals where just which ucla team crawls on to the bus saturday morning and makes the drive to pasadena?  the well coached team or the poorly coached team?  guess it makes a difference.  maybe.  rumor mill has it that one of the boise st coaches might get offered the ucla job next year.  interesting.  will it happen if coach karl can beat the trojans again this year? is that enough?  i don’t think so.  regardless, i’m drifting, take arizona st. they win or cover.

auburn at georgia. bulldogs favored by one stinking point.  let’s call it a toss up.  i had georgia underlined as the team i was taking but i’m changing my mind and going with the auburn tigers.

kansas at oklahoma st.  kansas favored by 5 1/2.  the oklahoma cowboys have been playing some great football in recent weeks giving everyone a hard time.  i love it.  so that being said, in this weeks match up against the jayhawks the cowboys will cover the points or win outright.

usc at calif.  usc favored by 3 1/2.  it’s the saturday night game out here in the west.  i may get to see it maybe not.  if clint brushbugger is the noun sayer for abc i hope i don’t get to see it.  none the less, usc should win and or cover.

washington at oregon st.  toss up.  no points no nada zip zilch.  it might be a really good game and no one will get to see it.  well, unless you are in the stands.  ty’s huskies win this one.

boise st at utah st.  boise st favored by 24.  too many points.  this is almost a rivalry game.  or something.  another game no one gets to see unless you are there.  though this one might be on espn. utah st covers and maybe even wins.

ok.  there ya go.  another step up into the bowels of madness and college football saturday.  ain’t nothing better.  just remember to keep your money in your wallets where it belongs and no one will get hurt.  don’t be stupid.



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