college football week 12 picks

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ok.  back from the great late fall road trip of 2007.  time for some more college football picks.  last weeks dismal dull affair was a borderline line god awful, 4 for 9.  making my re-tooled over all picks something like 7 for he’s got to be kidding me.  yes, well, ever dauntless i plod on.  only 6 this week and it might be too many as i haven’t paid any attention to much sporting stuff other than the occasional veer into something.  just remember these picks are for just for fun.  only an insane drunken fool would follow any advice handed out by this insane drunken  fool.

oregon at arizona st.  the ducks by 10 1/2.  this ought to be a good game.  though i think the points are a bit much as it’s bloody hot here in the southwest.  too bad the game wasn’t for this saturday.  at any rate, i have to go with the ducks heat or not.  stuff to prove and the only lsu match up i want to see is them in that game.  ducks win and or cover.  GO DUCKS!!! 

hawaii at nevada-reno, hawaii favored by 7.  i’m missing something here but that’s nothing new.  hawaii has had huge spreads all year.  of course they didn’t cover last week.  though there may be some other reason i don’t know about for this weeks game.  it’s their last easy one of the year too.  crap, hawaii wins or covers.

byu at wyoming, byu favored by 10 1/2.  an old days late season wac match up.  i love these games as anything can happen.  screw it, i’m taking the cowboys to cover or beat byu.

iowa st at kansas, kansas favored by 26 1/2.  yeah, they did it again.  iowa st is going to cover that and just might win.  i’m taking iowa st.

california at washington, cal favored by 7.  this one is ty’s bowl game.  well, and the up coming hawaii show down as well.  this one is their warm up.  the huskies win or cover.

ohio at michigan st, ohio favored by 4.  michigan wins or covers further adding to the buckeyes misery.  the wolverines step up to give coach carr a send off.

there ya go.  a bit late in the week but i’ve been busy as it were.  leave your money in your wallet where it belongs and things will be ok.  don’t be a dumb ass.



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