college football week 12 wrap-up

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what can you say about a week of picks where you only hit one of them?  probably nothing but there are a few things to be said.

oregon and arizona.  yes, dixon got hurt.  a sad thing and things may have been different if he hadn’t.  though i think the heat may have ultimately done the ducks in regardless.  no more bcs game with lsu for the ducks.  the number 2 curse continues.

hawaii and nevada-reno.  hawaii fails to cover the points for a second week straight.  next week is a big one for them.

byu and wyoming.  nothing to be said here other than wishful thinking on my part.

iowa st and kansas.  iowa st finally ran up against someone who just might make it to the big dance.  we shall see.

ohio st and michigan.  adios, coach carr.  i wish he could have pulled a win out against the dreaded buckeyes but it’s been his m o for the past few years.

california and washington.  i’ve said it all year long and will keep saying it.  ty willingham can coach.  no doubt about it.  this game really proves the point and his reaction yesterday when time ran out just goes to show you the man lives for his work.  if you know someone who is thinking about going to the university of washington on a football scholarship tell them they should take it.  take it because they will learn a few things from coach ty about playing football and life in general.  plus, the huskies are once again poised to make a break for the top of the pac 10.  count on it.

so, like always, if you didn’t take the picks to some place where you could lose your shirt or food money.  you did the smart thing.  if you didn’t you are stupid and deserve what ever happened.



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