college football week 13 picks

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rivalry weekend part 2.  yes, it sorta got started last weekend and really doesn’t finish till next weekend as there are still some league match-ups that just might make a difference in who goes where or stays home for the up coming big dances.  remember, i use a compilation of odds from a couple of places and if they change after i do this it doesn’t matter as i go with what’s here right now.  this is also just for fun and if you get stupid with what i dish out you deserve whatever happens to your dumb ass.  hopefully i’ll do better than my one win last week.  onward.

usc at arizona st, usc favored by 3.  turkey night special.  nothing better though the only problem is we will probably have to suffer through clint brushbugger’s noun saying for the evening.  but that’s a drift and i just learned the game is on espn, so with any luck he won’t be around till some point on saturday.  this one is a must for both teams.  if the trojan offense clicks in and the defense does it’s usual fine job the men of troy should pull this one out.  usc wins or covers.

boise st at hawaii, hawaii favored by 3.  the point spread keeps dropping every week on the hawaiians.  this one is their second big time test of the year.  another game where both teams need to win if either wants a shot at one of the top 5 bowl slots.  hopefully, this one will be an old wac run up the score because we left the defense on the bus or back in idaho.  take boise st to cover or win.

missouri at kansas, kansas favored by 2.  not a true home game for kansas so this might make some sort of difference in what goes down though they will have more butts in the stands than missouri.  the winner of the game will depend on which qb has the better day.  that being said, if the winning qb has a stellar day then he’s my heisman guy, pure and simple.  missouri to win or cover.

oregon at ucla, oregon favored by 2.  the ducks might have a tough time again this weekend without dixon at the helm.  though leaf has had a week to settle in and he knows he’s the guy for the game.  oregon didn’t get to where they are just with dixon alone.  ucla has been on a roller coaster all season.  they have this one and the trojans next week.  can coach karl coach them to wins for both games?  are the bruins looking to next weeks big time rivalry already?  which bruin team shows up at kick off?  the ducks win or cover.  GO DUCKS!!!

oklahoma st at oklahoma, oklahoma favored by 11.  lots of stuff on the line here for the sooners.  the cowboys want to spoil that.  they just might do it.  this one could be a great game and one for the ages.  take oklahoma st to cover or win.

washington st at washington, washington favored by 6.  another big rivalry that could go either way.  though i doubt it.  coach ty has his boys up and ready for this game especially after last weeks win.  washington covers and wins.  then next week…yeah, next week is for next week.  if the huskie stay with that thought, no problem.

arkansas at lsu, lsu favored by 12.  some how or another i left this game out when i posted the blog earlier in morning.   not being fan of lsu, i hope the razorbacks hand them a nice loss to further muddy the bcs waters.  it isn’t out of the realm of posssibilty.  they do have a shot and i hope they make the best of it.  arkansas to cover or even win.

astute readers will have noticed only one home team was picked by yours truly for the week.  generally speaking that doesn’t bode well,  but, hey, this is only for fun.  just remember to keep your money where it belongs, in your wallets.  don’t be stupid.  happy thanksgiving and enjoy the games.



2 thoughts on “college football week 13 picks

    ethanator1088 said:
    November 22, 2007 at 5:10 am

    No Iron Bowl Prediction?

    johnhauge responded:
    November 22, 2007 at 12:58 pm

    ok. sure, auburn is favored by 6. poor bama has hit the skids. auburn wins or covers. thanks for the comment.

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