college football week 13 wrap-up

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college rivalry week two went by with a few surprises to say the least.  my usual dismal performance was somewhat better but not much.  4 for 8 if you include my extra pick in the comments section.  week 3 of the rivalries looms large.  plus some division championship games but i’m getting ahead of myself.

usc/arizona st.  the trojans handle the sun devils rather easily once the offense kicked into high gear. are the trojans that good or are the sun devils that bad?  perhaps a bit of both.  or this is one of the oddest years in college football in a long long time?

arkansas/lsu.  this game was one of the week’s best.  maybe an all timer as well.  at least we won’t have lsu at the top of the leader board anymore.  thanks razorbacks and mr. macfadden in particular for his heisman like performance.  stunning.

boise st/hawaii.  colt brennan rolls along adding phenomenal numbers to his already huge stats.  boise just couldn’t manage much of anything. 

missouri/kansas.  happily one of my picks that actually worked out.  the curse of the bcs number 2 continues.  though missouri was/is a better team.

oregon/ucla.  this was a strange one indeed and difficult to watch.  i spent more time with the sooners and cowboys.  perhaps dixon was all the ducks had.  the rotating quarterback deal bellotti trotted out was bizarre at best.  then more injuries sent that idea to the locker room where it should have stayed.  the bruins defense saved the day and maybe karl as well.

washington st/washington.  the apple cup gone wild.  what college football rivalry weeks are all about.  plus any number of other cliches you can come up with.  this one had me riveted from the get go as it was, in my opinion, the best game of the day.  yes, of course, tenn and kentucky but then it wasn’t one of my picks and i just watched the final overtime of that one.  a drift.  hats off to cougar qb brink and his record breaking performance against the huskies.     

oklahoma st/oklahoma.  the cowboys never really showed up for this one or the sooners showed up for both of them.  regardless, it was more interesting than the bruin duck game.

auburn/alabama.  this one came up in the comments and i picked auburn.  an easy selection.

there it is in all it’s sad glory.  another dismal week of picking winners and losers.  if you are using my picks to make any money you aren’t making any and that serves you right.   see you wednesday for another go round.



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