college football week 14 picks

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people, this is from last year, 2007!!!!! week 14 of this year 2008, up 11-25-08.  week 14 2008 picks are on my front page as of now, 11-25-08, 10:50am pst. 

rivalry week 3.  yeah, they stretch it out now a days, don’t they?  seems to me everyone played rivalry weekend, in the olden days, on the same day.  so much for progress.  none the less i plod on.  just remember this is for fun only and if you take my picks and get your clock cleaned then you deserve whatever happens to your sorry ass.  don’t be stupid.

this week bodes lots of stuff.  league championship stuff and pac 10 stuff that is still to be determined.  plus, most sadly, this is the last weekend of the regular season.  ain’t no more college football till next september.  yes, of course, there’s the bowl games.  more on them later.  onward.

ucla at usc, usc favored by 20.  lots of points, and the bruins have been playing like, well, a team in search of something.  perhaps, a new coach?  that being said, it’s rivalry weekend and the bruins pulled off a win last year.  that was last year.  however, it might rain here on saturday.  ooofa, the sloppy field generally favors the crappier team.  um, not this time.  see the trojans taking care of biz at cal in the rain.  i really don’t think the bruins have it in them to win another one this year.  the trojans are too good and seem to be back on track.  take the trojans to cover or win.

oregon st at oregon, even up or off the board.  yeah, that’s what i’d do or favor the beavers.  sadly, without dixon, the ducks are a rudderless ship in a typhoon.  seems to me, bellotti, has some ‘splaining to do’ for the alums and duck faithful, myself included.  yes, of course, it’s rivalry weekend and anything can happen.  yeah, right.  trust me, the beavers win.

washington at hawaii, hawaii favored by 14.  ok.  time for more cliches here.  the huskies are pac 10.  the huskies have a history as a great pac 10 football school.  ty willingham, is telling the boys that as i type.  count on it.  lots on the line here.  pac 10 history and hawaii as a no loss team against sorta ok football schools.  yes, yes, yes.  i’m sure the warrior faithful will be out in droves and primed at the pump for this outing against the pac 10.  if the warriors lose their hopes of any decent bowl game will evaporate in the oahu sunshine.  colt brennan versus a very good huskie qb and a red shirt freshman, jake locker.  jake’s a newbie but he has game.  if the huskie defense shows up and plays their best game of the year, the huskies cover or win.

arizona at arizona st, st favored by 6 1/2.  another epic rivalry game here.  seems like the sun devils have something to prove after a few set backs.  should be a good game.  arizona st covers or wins.  on a side note: does ellway’s kid red shirt or play next year?

virgina tech at boston college, tech favored by 4 1/2.  the acc championship game.  seems like virgina tech is here every year.  time for some one else to win.  the boston college eagles win or cover then get hosed by the bcs.

tennessee at lsu, lsu favored by 7 1/2.  hopefully, lsu loses.  simple easy.  but it might not be that easy.  tennessee has been all over the place this year.  lsu has been very lucky.  take the vols to cover or win. 

oklahoma at missouri, oklahoma favored by 3.  another qb battle royal in the making.  i’m going with age on this one.  plus, missouri probably has more guys who will play in sunday next year.  yes, the sooners beat them earlier.  so what?  missouri covers or wins.

pittsburg at west virginia, w virgina favored by 28.  that’s a lot of points.  then again i suppose pitt is that bad.  the mountaineers need this one in order to go to the big dance and get clobbered by whom ever.  though i suppose they could end up like byu did back in the day.  however, i’m going with this year’s history and i’m taking pitt to cover or even win.  the bcs #2 curse of 2007 continues.

don’t be a dumb ass and leave your wallet in your pocket where it belongs.  there ya go.  the last week of the regular college football season.  one of the more sadder days of the year.  when the day ends with the final gun sounding for the final game on saturday night the lights go out and life goes back to being pretty much mundane until next september.  crap, is it september yet? 



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