college football week 14 wrap-up

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well, it’s officially over for the year.  no more of the greatest sport on earth till next september.  sad but true.  we just have the bowl games left to watch and maybe look forward to but more on them later.  another 4 for 8 week, basically because of the point spreads.  i hope you didn’t do anything dumb with my picks though some of them were right on.  if you did take the picks to heart you more than likely lost your shirt.  you got what you deserved.

ucla/usc.  the men of troy didn’t cover but at least they are going to the rose bowl.  going to the rose bowl to clobber whatever big 10 ends up getting sent there.  ucla and coach karl,  what can you say?  if you watched the game and noticed he was just about out of time outs halfway thru the first quarter you understand why lots of folks don’t like him as a coach.  i’m sure he’s a very decent guy and he did bring a halt to the trouble the bruins were having with their program and stupid players.  i just don’t see any point in him hanging on any longer as head coach.  but what do i know?

oregon st/oregon.  got this one right.  though the ducks gave them a run for their money.  bellotti still has some ‘splaing to do’.  that is if you ask me.  a few dumb moves that cost the ducks some points and in the long run the game.  maybe.  nice touch by espn having, dan fouts, do the game.  it gave him some national exposure and showed the rest of the country why, in my opinion, he’s the best out there at the moment.  this was also the best game of the day.  thank you, beavers and ducks. 

washington/hawaii.  another one in the plus column.  the huskies gave the warriors all they could handle and have nothing to be upset about.  they did the pac 10 proud.  with a bit more luck or something they could have pulled it out.  nice job by the huskies, regardless. 

virginia tech/boston college.  sadly, the boston eagles, couldn’t pull off another win over virginia this season.  this also probably put an end to any of ryan’s hopes for the heisman.  

tennessee/lsu. another point spread win, barely.  didn’t see much of the game as i was pac 10 watching.  guess lsu will go to the big dance now.  i’m still not impressed.

oklahoma/missouri.  the sooners handed it to the missouri tigers, sadly.  more heisman hopes down the drain here, as well.

arizona/arizona st.  a nice point spread win and a good game.  just another rivalry game that that had lots going for it.  i love the pac 10.

pittsburg/w. virgina.  what can you say when you were right about the bcs #2 curse?  no one gave pitt much of a chance in this one.  yes, well, of course.  history, this year, has repeated itself, repeatedly.       

that wraps up the regular season of college football.  one of the oddest in a long time.  i guess that’s one of the reasons i love the college game so much.  anything can and usually does happen.  this year more so than usual.  i’ll be back in a few days with my bowl predictions.  keep your money in your wallets and don’t be stupid.



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