stop the bowl madness

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the time has come for all good men to come to the aid of their favorite sport.  college football.  the madness of the bowl season and the insipd utter disregard for what is right must end.  we hold what is righteous, the clicker, in our collective hands.  use this powerful tool to send a message to those that think they are the most high of the sport.  they may run things but we are what make them so.  if we stop watching the bowl games then they become meaningless adventures into how much money can we gleen from the unwashed.  they think we are stupid.  show them we are smarter than they are.  let’s take the game back from the corporate geeks and collegiate whores.  let’s bring it home and back to where it belongs,   the people and the players with the simple principle of the best team winnning the prize.  not some money driven madness or misplaced gobblygook of computer nerdness but the reality of hard nosed football played out on the field.  nothing more nothing less.  we can do this.  the time has come.  take college football back to where it came from,  the playing field.   not the board rooms of tv land or college deans and their ilk who want nothing more than to suck whatever money they can from the best sport on the planet.   stop watching the bowl games.  NOW.  NO MAS.  this is it.  tell them with your silent tv this bowl season that we have had enough of their lies and horse crap.  we are over and done with them.   now is the time.   let your silence scream into the madness of their greed.   stop watching their crapola bowls.  take our sport back.  take back the best game on the planet.  college football.  we can do this.  stand up for what is right.



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