the beat goes on and on or the song remains the same

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i was up early this morning so i could hit the road in order to beat the traffic.  the deal is i was reading a new home magazine while in the reading stall downstairs.  i’m sorta bummed out about what i read.  however, i’m old enough that stuff like that shouldn’t bother me anymore but it does.  seems like, well not seems, they are building million dollar homes right next to the bolsa chica wetlands down in huntington beach, ca.  that staggers the imagination and senses.  

i don’t understand the mentality of the coastal commission here in california.  they are supposed to be looking out for every ones best interests.  the california coast in particular.  apparently they aren’t.  just the developers, when the price is right and the hands get properly greased.  the pristine wetlands will now have homes and trash and everything else associated with humanity right next door to it. 

yes, of course, huntington beach is a far cry from what it was when i was a kid.  yes, there was the sewer pipe that drained right into the water at bolsa chica beach.  it stuck out from the cliff.  thankfully, it disappeared long ago.  drifting.  the last bit of open space should have been left that way for our feathered friends and the other friends that live under the water.  is there nothing left that’s sacred?  what gets me is the coastal commission gets their panties all tied up in knots over stuff that’s really odd and or stupid.  then they let something like this go down.  greed wins out.  i guess that’s why i gave up on voting and politics as well.  it’s all a crock.

added 12-13-07:  i used to vote.  i don’t anymore.  i’m not even registered.  it’s a total waste of time.  if you think anyone is actually going to change anything you are delusional and probably insane.  lady machill? mayor rudy?  or any of the rest of the lot.  no, sadly, it’s over, johnny.




5 thoughts on “the beat goes on and on or the song remains the same

    johnnypeepers said:
    December 12, 2007 at 9:49 pm

    “i don’t understand the mentality of the coastal commission here in california. they are supposed to be looking out for every ones best interests.”

    I don’t mean to be silly, but your statement made me chuckle. Government is entirely self-interested. They answer to who raised money and support for them. Unfortunately, these consolidations of power are rampant in this Country, hence the inefficiencies and abuses of state power. Help me to fight this entrenched menace.

    truthseeker1234 said:
    December 12, 2007 at 11:40 pm

    “i guess that’s why i gave up on voting and politics as well. it’s all a crock.”

    Don’t give up. Kinda like that Journey song, “Don’t stop Believing.” This is what they want you to do. They want you to feel powerless so you don’t act against them anymore, thereby increasing their power. They are the little voice in your head that deceives you. The little demon that speaks into the giant’s ear and tells them they are short and weak. Linkin Park’s “voice inside my head” in their song, “Papercut.”

    I am starting to think now it is not about winning or losing but just making yourself known. Making the world know that you won’t just sit there as other’s take away your right to define your existence. I gave up voting a long time ago because I didn’t believe in our system. Now I’m getting back into it. Even if my vote doesn’t count – the act of voting lets the world know something about me. I AM – that and I will NOT let others take what is my rightful estate.

    The beat goes on and the song remains the same – true – because no one has the courage anymore to get up and change the station. No one even realizes anymore the controls were easily in their reach all along. Challenge their thoughts and above all challenge your own. You will be surprised at what you find.

    truthseeker1234 said:
    December 12, 2007 at 11:43 pm

    In short – don’t give up without a fight! If no one fights they’ve already won even before the battle begins.

    johnhauge responded:
    December 13, 2007 at 2:10 am

    thanks for the comments. most appreciated.

    truthseeker1234 said:
    December 13, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    “if you think anyone is actually going to change anything you are delusional and probably insane. ”

    After reading this I take back my last comment in your case. I like to think everything starts from the inside out. Thus the outer reality reflects what is created in the inner self. As everything we see on earth was sprung from someone’s imagination/thought it doesn’t seem too far of a stretch to think that the situations we find ourselves in have been created as a result of our thoughts.

    Have you heard the story of the 3 minute mile? Basically a bunch of medical staff said in the past that no human could run a < 3 minute mile without succumbing to heart failure or lack of oxygen due to the heart beating too fast. Thus no one could break the 3 minute limit because of an implicit fear of death. One day some guy in Kenya or whatever other country ran a mile and broke the 3 minute threshold. Upon seeing it possible to run < 3 minutes and live I think about 40 runners beat the 3 minute mile the following year afterwards.
    Thus the reality of the situation was created in their minds. Those who did not think they could live running a 3 minute mile never broke it. Once they saw it was possible though that limitation in their head was erased and many of them went on to break 3 minutes.

    In your case with that last addendum to your post you have just admitted giving up. As much as I mourn your loss of hope I understand and respect your choice. The human vessel can only hold so much pain and suffering before capsizing. I know pain and in your place if I felt that way as well I would have probably said the same thing. Many many years ago I almost joined the Goth movement – just as many of today’s youth are joining the Emo movement. The world is depressing and it is a fact – the chips ARE stacked against us – and stacked heavily in favor of the good old boys. So in your heart if you think we cannot change the world then that will become your reality, your truth. Nothing you can do will change the world. And I take my last comment back because it seems to disrespect your choice. I don’t want you to fight anymore. You’re already worn out and you deserve a much needed rest and release from all of the world’s troubles. As much as I advocate standing against the man I will defend your choice to rest on the sidelines. We are all different – some of us have a lot to give and some of us have already had too much taken from them. I bid you goodday and hope you find the release you are searching for.

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