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santa has told me a number of you folks out there are going to be getting the tiger woods ea sports pga tour 2008 game for christmas.  good for you.  that must mean you’ve been very good this past year.  good for you.  hopefully, you have a wii game already as i guess they are still in short supply.  santa might even have a problem or two scoring one from what i’m hearing.  but that’s not why i’m here. 

i’m back to yammer some more about tiger’s pga tour 2008 golf wii game.  i’ve been playing the game for months now and i love it.  it’s a great game and like i said last time i yammered about it, the game is way better than the 2007 version.  hands down. 

however, there are a few glitches.  one that is sorta weird and i’m wondering if it’s in all of the games.  occurs on the second hole, a par 3, at eastlake, in atlanta.  a very nice course and one i like to play but if you are short on that particular hole either in the trap or in the grass in front of the green, the game freezes.  i’ve found no way out of it other than starting all over again.  that’s kind of frustrating and takes the wind out of your sails, especially if you are short of the green again.  if you hit the green the game kind of hiccups but you keep going.  i’ve never been long on that hole so i don’t know if that’s a problem or not in that regard.

another problem is hitting a draw or a fade.  during the game set up you will have to hit both in order for you to go on and set other stuff up.  no way around it.  however, since that point many months ago, i can’t hit either of them again.  no matter how hard i try.  totally strange.  i do everything the game says to do when hitting either shot but the ball goes perfectly straight.  every time.  amazing.  i’ve gone back into that original area and i still can’t do it.  no idea what’s going on with that weirdness.  so when i come across a nasty dog leg i just lay up and blast away with the second shot.  maybe you’ll have better luck.

the other glitch and i’m still not sure if it’s a glitch or just me, are short chip shots.  after playing the game for months chipping is still a major crap shoot.  i either do a double chili dip or i ram the ball over the flag and off the green and get to do the whole sordid deal all over again.  sure, you can practice swing but that really doesn’t work for me either.  despite that flaw in my game, or the game itself, i’m still shooting under par 98% of the time from the blue tees and the medium pin placements. 

as for the ‘tiger challenge’ i’m a little over half way through it.  by doing so i’ve unlocked courses and other golfers.  it’s also helped my game with being allowed to crack a nice 300 yard plus drive now and again.  very sweet indeed.  plus generally being able to hit at least 260 yards with the driver off the tee.  the problem with the challenge is it’s time consuming and it either let’s you win a challenge rather easily or beats your sorry butt every time you try that particular challenge.  there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground.  so i’ve shined it on.  screw it, at least for now.  all that being said, if you get the game for christmas spend some time on the challenges and get some history there for your game or you won’t be hitting balls very far when you play the courses during regular play.

that’s what you want to do.  play the courses in the play it now mode.  you can play any of the courses in that mode and they don’t need to be unlocked.  plus you make money by doing it that way.  you need to make money to buy stuff.  like clubs.  find a set you like and can hit.  they aren’t all the same.  it took me awhile but i finally settled on a set made up entirely of macgregor clubs.  i couldn’t hit any of the other clubs available.  interesting.  so i’m sticking with what works.  you should too.  you also make money playing the tiger challenges.

one of these days, when i tire of just smacking the ball around the courses on my own i’ll try the pga tour stuff and the fedex stuff as well. though i’m still very content doing what i’m doing.  playing golf in my living room and getting a bit of exercise along the way.

it’s a great game and i think you will have a great time playing it.  nothing like playing st andrews under par or the same for pebble beach or any of the other courses.  the pure joy of the sport of golf is right there for you in the comfort of your living room.  no nasty 14 hour flights to scotland with all the money and other crapola involved.  you just dial it in and play away.  what could be better?  i don’t know, maybe that 14 hour flight to scotland in order to actually tee one up on the first tee.  but in the mean time you have tiger’s 2008 pga tour wii game without all the traveling hassles. 

if any of you are having any other problems maybe i can help out.  maybe not.  but i’ll try.  or if you can help out with any of my playing problems, please, let me know what i can do to solve them.  i love this game.  you will too. 



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