early college bowl season wrap-up

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yes, i know there’s still several more bowl games to be played but i’m done for the year. i really don’t care who wins any of the games that are left so i won’t be watching any of them either.

i did catch a bit of one or two games here and there.  it’s been so long ago i’ve pretty much forgotten just which games i did wander into.  about the only thing i remember was that they sucked.

though i did watch the entire rose bowl game yesterday.  even though it’s the prime road block in getting any sort of playoff happening in college football.  what can i say?  other than the best team in the country kicked some major ass in the game. 

that being said i was very much taken aback by the seemingly infantile moves of some of the players on both squads.  i guess not even pete carroll can control the addled youth of today as much as i thought he could.  i hope he gets things straightened out with the main culprits before next season gets going.

i hope all the damn coaches straighten out the addled youths on their team and get them in line.  if not, i can see down the road where college football will lose a good number of rabid fans and pick up fans from pro wrestling or roller derby.  no true college football fan wants that.  no fan wants his favorite game turned into a gang fight or circus act out on the playing field.  deal with it, gentlemen.  soon.

i did tune in the georgia-hawaii game for the first few minutes.  it was very obvious that hawaii was in way over their heads.  right from the get go.  a 12-0 season down the toilet in no time.  yes, well, they don’t play anybody for the most part and the lack of any depth doomed them early.  that being said, the georgia fans are delusional if they think that beating hawaii should move them ahead of the trojans in the final poll.  though i guess stranger stuff has happened.

as for my beloved ducks they won their bowl game. i didn’t see any of it as i had no clue where it was being shown.  hopefully, johnathan stewart comes back next year.  one would think that decision would have already been made but i guess the feelers are out for the give me the money deal.  and just how much can i get?  well, i’ll tell ya.  i think he’s too small for the pros but then what do i know?  probably not much.  i hope he stays in school. it would be nice to see some more high profile college kids step up and show little kids it ain’t all about the money.

ok.  i can’t leave without saying something about rick neuheisel and ucla.  leave it to abc to trot him out in the middle of the rose bowl game.  i guess they didn’t have enough ‘desperate housewives’ promos in the can.  it would be nice if ucla could bring something back to the pac 10 table soon.  i hope coach rick can do the job.  he wants us to forget his past indiscretions.  ok, sure.  i’m ok with that.  i’ve already forgotten them.  i hope he has as well and doesn’t repeat them.



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