swung on and missed

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what the fuck?  i used to love baseball i’ve gone there in blogs in the deleted past.  whatever.  these days i hate the game.  yeah, well, cause you have roger clemens talking out his asshole about how he didn’t shoot-up steroids.  let’s see, a washed up pitcher with a win loss average that hovered around even i could manage it.  give me a break.  then a miracle happens.  mother teresa intervenes or maybe moses, i don’t know.  none the less he’s suddenly killer and winning cy youngs and wow, he’s hall of steroid fame.     

yeah, yeah, ok. it wasn’t steroids it was horse tranqs.  or worse.  so what is your point numb nuts?  for whatever reason you got good at an over the hill pitcher age and you have managed to hang around well past your prime.  god, i guess we have only bud ‘the pud’ selig to blame for this or maybe our collective selves.  sadly, it’s probably the latter.

i mean we’ve put up with this bunch of ass wipes for any number of years.  it’s been  like…oh, my, look how far he hit that fucker.  or look how many he hit out of the park when he never came close to that number any time in his career before he started looking like the incredible hulk.  don’t matter it’s cool. woohoo.  yippy.

well, it does matter.  it matters big time to any one with half a goddamn brain.  what we have here is a game that has gone beyond the realm of human comprehension, thank you, frank zappa.  i mean how can anyone sit there and tell you with a straight face they ain’t fucking using steroids?   yeah, roger the codger, that’s you.  or the cantaloupe headed one, barry bonds.

give me a goddamn break you fucking rich ass tools of depravity.  fuck you and the game i used to love.  the game i played hour upon hour in my youth.  savoring whatever feeble triumphs i could manage. just the sheer joy of being out on the grass in the sunshine playing a kids game was enough.  but no, these assholes have ruined it for me and countless others. yeah, well, if you still watch the pro game you are a dumb fuck on numerous levels.

sure i’m one as well but at least i’m bright enough to realize i’m a dumb fuck.  you?  nah, you think barry bonds and roger the codger bulked up eating bacon.  you are a stupid numb nutted shit heel for following a game that has spiraled out of control.   a game that has a commissioner who is part of the problem.  a commissioner who’s hand is in there dealing steroids out to the players.  yeah, sure, i’d put money on it.

fucking bud ‘the pud’ selig, steroid dealer extraordinaire.  fuckin’ a.  the guy probably has some off shore facility in maybe some island paradise some damn place or another where he uses local slave labor to manufacture his deadly hgh and anabolic steroids.  right?  the island help needs the work and they do ‘the puds’ wishes.  of course, they have to eat just like everyone else.  it ain’t their problem major league baseball is a fucking nightmare of steroid and heroin use.  heroin?  ok.  maybe not.  maybe.  jury is still out on that one. hmmmm.

jesus, what was i thinking?  it must have been that injection my trainer gave me several hours ago.  i..i..haven’t been right since.  see my back has been bothering me and my trainer, this homeless guy that lives on a freeway off ramp, suggested… ok, ok this is just a work of fiction.  capice?  nothing more.  bud selig is as pure as the driven snow.  he deals nothing but love and good vibes out to anyone and everyone on the planet.  roger clemens is the greatest old wreck of pitcher ever and barry bonds is a saint.  ok?  i fucking hope so.




2 thoughts on “swung on and missed

    I of July said:
    January 19, 2015 at 1:36 am

    i don’t know much baseball but i enjoyed reading this regardless…. great sense of humour sir

    john hauge responded:
    January 19, 2015 at 4:27 am

    once again, thanks very much, heath.

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