a piece of paper

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i used to have this piece of paper.  it was very important to me.  yeah, sure there’s lots of pieces of paper in our lives.  yours too.  some of the paper is more important than others.  some of those much more important than the others.  i mean like your ssn piece of paper or your drivers script to drive a car paper.  or maybe your passport.  sure.  or bank account stuff.  insurance?  i think maybe so.  but it isn’t any of them.  so maybe the dd214 goodbye military paper?  ah, no.  sorry.

none of the above are the piece of paper i’m thinking of.  yeah, well, it figures, right?  of course.  the piece of paper i’m thinking of and one that i lost, at some point, is none of the above.  yeah, repeating myself. drifts happen.

it finally started to rain here yesterday.  more succinctly late in the afternoon.  the doppler dicktards have been predicting this rain for days and days.  it’s like the apocalypse.  it finally got here.  ooofa.  plus it’s coming down in buckets.

yeah, the paper.  lest i forget.  i used to have this piece of paper that had the los angeles rainfall totals on it for like years and years past.  a damn fine piece of paper it was in this desert of california and periods of little rain.  it went way back and had the chronological order of our precious rain fall on one side.  the other side had a nice graph showing the same thing but with said graph.  very nice.

it was my sordid bible as it were.  i loved that piece of paper.  i have no recall as to where it came from.  it was just an old wrinkled piece of paper that i cherished.  it was my tarot, so to speak, for the coming rainfall season here in the land of the  lotus.  with it i could come pretty close to what we here in the desert of califia could expect as to rain for the year.  cycles are the key.  they are many and varied.  they have been written before.

of course you can freak and say the sky is falling after a dry or wet year here or there or where ever.  my piece of paper was my anchor in a world of weather weirdness.  it soothed my soul and keep my fevered brow dry in a sea of weather insanity.

sadly, the paper disappeared long ago.  i haven’t a clue as to what happened to it or where it went.  one day it just vanished.  since then i’ve been a bit out of sorts when the wet season gets here in the land of the desert lotus. 

a dryness has befallen us here in the valley of smoke the last year or so.  without my paper i’m clueless as to just what it means.  does it mean global warming?  or just the regular cycles of mother earth and her own monthly calender? 

the soothing patter of a heavy rainfall washes away bad nasty thoughts of a drought for the moment.  the lovely blessing of rain from the heavens above have taken care of that dreaded thought for the time being.

but what of my lost wrinkled piece of paper with the rainfall totals for the city of lost angels from the last 200 years or so?  it leaves me at the hands of the doppler dicktards.  i have no way of knowing.   no way of knowing what we are in store for rain wise.  rain, the only thing that keeps the land of lotus afloat in these times of uncertainty and bad juju.

i guess i could google something and come up with something or another resembling my old wrinkled piece of paper.  yeah, well, it just wouldn’t be the same.  i probably couldn’t trust it any the ways.  the old wrinkled paper was from way way back in the olden days.  way before the pc crowd and global warming became a political force.  true or not.  i trust no one any more and neither should you.  my old wrinkled piece of paper held the truth.  the truth we all are searching for.





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