if the river was whiskey i’d be a diving duck

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what a great tune that is.  one of my favorites.  one of my favorite versions of that tune is by the old english blues band, savoy brown, from years ago.  but that’s not why i’m here.

i’ve seen dumpster divers on an almost daily basis for many moons now. they come around here and glean all that is scrap able from the dumpsters in our complex.  they do it everywhere anymore.  even in places where such activity is illegal due to some city ordnance and solid waste state/fed mandated guidelines for cities.  boy, that’s a major drift in and of itself.  also not why I’m here.

this past week i was out in another city taking my parents to their bank so they could deal with something.  of course we had to wait.  i went over by the front door passing the time just standing there watching the world pass by.  while i was watching that a younger man wandered into the scene and began going through the trash can that was beside the bus stop.  not an uncommon sight to be sure. i figured he was looking for cans or plastic stuff so he could make a few coins. 

sadly that wasn’t the case.  he started pulling half eaten fast food containers from the can and eating whatever the hell was left in them.  when he pulled out semi full drink containers and started taking hits off them as well i’d seen enough from my vista of 40 or 50 feet away.  i went outside and gave the guy some money and told him to go get something to eat at the wendy’s that was very close by.  he thanked me and went off in that direction.

we still had to wait to take care of our business in the bank so i followed his progress over to the burger joint.  he was waving the money in the air and talking to himself.  another not uncommon sight these days.  he got to wendy’s and stood outside looking and waving the money around.  i was wondering if maybe he was a regular there and they tossed him out regally because he had no money and or made too much of a scene.  we were still waiting so i had nothing better to do than watch the scene unfold.

he eventually went into the restaurant and it seemed like he wasn’t in there long enough to order and actually eat anything.  but i could be mistaken.  at any rate, he came back outside and he was holding a large plastic trash bag and several sheets of paper.  too far away to tell just what the papers were.  plus they were being waved about. 

so did he eat something?  or did he just go in there and somebody sold him the plastic bag and seemingly worthless pieces of paper? i don’t know. what did it all mean?  i don’t know.  however, to paraphrase the late great, rod serling, was it just a signpost from up ahead?  a signpost of the coming apocalypse?  possibly.



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