chow down

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that’s exactly what the ucla bruins did this week when they hired former trojan offensive coordinator, norm chow.  norm is one of the finest football minds in the country.  sure he got canned by some nfl team because things didn’t work out, success wise.  he wouldn’t be the first college guru to have a few problems with the pro game.  two all time great former trojan coaches come to mind, john mckay and john robinson.  though the latter had a bit more success in the pro game.

norm chow brings to the bruins over 30 years of college football coaching experience.  over 30 years of having some major input into the game of some of the finest college quarterbacks ever.  jim mcmahon, ty detmer, carson palmer, philip rivers, steve young, and matt leinart.  i’d let anyone of those guys run my college team anytime.

norm probably should have had a shot at being a head coach at a major university by now but there’s the race deal.  norm is chinese.  a chinese head football coach?  see what i’m saying?  probably not.  however, norm has seem some shit and probably put up with more shit than most folks in the game.  i’m still pissed he left usc.  although it probably came down to an ego thing between he and pete.  with pete being the main culprit.  but that’s ok. 

it’s ok because norm is back in town.  sorta like lola of song fame.  yeah, he’s that hot.  football coaching wise.  the crosstown rivalry just heated up again.  the bruins picked up two good coaches in the space of 2 months or so.  the really sweet thing is if, and i’m just saying if…if neuheisel goes sideways or runs off the ncaa tracks again ala colorado then the perfect man for the job is already in the bruin’s house.  norm chow.

what could be a more fitting place for the first chinese college football head coach?  wags already call ucla, the university of china at los angeles. at any rate, the whole deal is fitting in that the up coming chinese lunar new year, the year of the rat, is supposed to bode well for us all.  we shall see. sorta a drift but there’s a point in there some place.

one thing for sure.  east coast bias and sec bias just got a shot fired across their collective bows.  the pac 10 just got a whole lot stronger with norm chow back in town.  i love it and l.a.



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