the bruins and rick slick

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my goodness it doesn’t take long in this space age information age to make someone look like a fool.  the someone in particular would be ucla’s athletic director. if the story the ‘seattle times’ is trotting out about the washington huskies and rick neuheisel are anywhere near true the bruins have bought a pig in a poke.  just another don james along or an smu coach that brought the fabled death penalty to that once great football school.  june jones will fix that as ty willingham will fix the huskies if the insane rabid dumb ass rich numb nutted alumni let him or june.  god, the tangents run rampant.  i thought i’d get a break this off season.  fine.  bring it.  where the hell am i?  mixing programs, coaches and metaphors.  help me, rhonda.

the ‘Seattle times’ is reporting that rick’s 2000 rose bowl winning team was rife with felons and other ner do wells.  god, if true it’s almost like don james never fucking left u of washington.  doesn’t anyone in college football ever learn anything?  guess not.

however, if any of this is true and mr rick the slick goes away and if it is he should. plus probably be banned from coaching any other college football team as well.  i mean there’s a history with this guy.  starting in colorado.  then there’s the history lou holtz had as well. i’m bleeding tangents like some mythical dog from hell.  that being said, the bruins have the man there already in camp.  norm chow.  i say screw the ncaa and their years and years of let’s investigate stuff.  sorta like the reggie bush and the trojans deal.  yes, well the mr rick the slick deal is different.  reggie bush may have been really fucking stupid.  did pete know about it?  hard to say.  did rick the slick know about felons and other bottom feeders on his 2000 rose bowl winning team?  ah, yeah, if the times is right.

damn, the bruins were poised to make a sterling comeback in the pac 10.  mr rick the slick can coach but he’s of dubious character.  yeah, a month or so ago i said, ok, sure, let’s just get on with some football and let’s just forget his past.   in light of this, i don’t think so.  homey ain’t playin’ that one no moe. 

the washington huskie program has been one of gang bangers who can play football since the days of their beloved don james.  mr rick the slick signed on to that one.  or so it would seem.  the huskie faithful should thank god, buddha, and swami vishnu he got canned for something stupid.  his participating in a college basketball pool.  he skated on that and won millions for a wrongful firing or something.  he should give it all back if any part of the seattle times story is true.  plus freaking interest.

the huskie faithful should also thank god, buddha, and swami vishnu they now have ty willingham at the helm.  a no nonsense and true straight forward coach.  no fucking bullshit on his watch.  god, i hope so.  i love the guy.  i’d hate to be blindsided by something untoward from him.  more tangents.

mr rick the slick should just slink off to the side lines and let norm chow take over the bruins.  now.  not 23 months down the road when all this is a proven commodity.  mr rick the slick.  crap.  the dude’s baggage just keeps getting bigger.  mr slick.  take the high road.  or sorta high road and just resign now like lou holtz.  become an espn noun sayer just like lou.  another fly by night i’ll get away with what the fuck ever i can coach.  just like you, mr rick the slick.  please, leave the bruins alone. 

bruins.  wake up.  buy him out.  whatever.  ditch him.  scuttle the ship before he sinks it.  screw it.  let norm take over now before he takes over a team ham strung by mr rick the slicks devious stupidity and years of ncaa sanctions.  just do it.

ok.  it’s now tuesday night.  google ‘seattle times’, click on sports then look for…..

a seattle times special report /  victory and ruins.  



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