yes, there’s more of the wii in mii

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ok.  all of you out there that received a wii system for christmas, lucky you, as the supply is still short.  a more pressing issue is or what seems to be common problems with the wii/ea sports, tiger woods pga tour 2008.  there aren’t many in my game but they seem to differ from game to game.

since my last time yammering about this game i finished the tiger challenge stuff.  yes, at times an ordeal with regard to the chipping challenges.  because chipping is still a crap shoot with the nuances of it being pretty much unfathomable.  back when i played the game of golf for real i could chip pretty well.  one way around this sometimes major glitch is to play a flop instead of a chip.  my friend bubba hipped me to this one and most of the time it works pretty well.  it’s still a finesse shot but at least it’s easier to pull off and works very well most of the time.  though you must play around with it to get the feel.

the other common glitch is the draw and fade shot.  they don’t work.  i’ve been at this before and bubba tells me his draw and fade did work but now they have disappeared.  it really doesn’t matter in the long run because you can just lay up.  even if you end up in the rough it’s usually not that big a deal to still come in at par or under.

the other main glitch that still remains in my game and seems to be getting worse is the par 3 second hole at east lake.  the game freezes if you don’t hit the green with your tee shot.  it has even froze up when i have hit the green.  no idea what’s up with that.  but from what i’ve seen out there freezing is a common glitch in the game at some point or another.  i just hope my freezing glitch stays were it is and doesn’t travel to other parts of the game.  no clue as to what to do about it. or why it happens. 

i would highly recommend you finishing the tiger challenge in order to unlock courses and other pro players.  even more so because you get money for doing the challenges. just too bad it’s not real as i now have $1.6 million in winnings.  yeah, well, i play the damn game for sometimes hours a day.  plus i’m good at it.  also, by playing the challenges and doing well at them you gain endorsements from companies that pay big bucks when you join the tour.  more on that later. 

just remember you can play the courses, any of the courses, in the play it now mode.  you also get money for doing well when playing in that mode.  you will eventually get endorsement money by playing this way too.  however, you must play well.

a couple of weeks ago i joined the tour.  as an amateur, who already had over a million dollars in winnings, which is not how it actually works in real life.  anyways, i was doing well and won more than a few of the tournaments.  i should have gone to q school and passed that and gone into the next season as a real pro cartoon golfer.  the game knew i was dilly dallying around.  this week it messed with me big time.  i was afraid the ultimate glitch had hit like in the 2007 game.  under no circumstance purchase that game.  it doesn’t work.  i struggled along for several rounds getting more angry as i played.  it finally dawned on me to advance to the q school and play it.  once i did that the game went back to what it usually is and i’ve had no problems since.  other than you can’t draw or fade and chipping the ball is like rolling dice.

all of this or that being said the more you actually play the game the better you will get.  amazing ain’t it?  just like anything else in life.  i’ve played close to 200 rounds of tiger’s wii golf.  i’m at the point where i can control most of the clubs and get what i want from them.  it has taken some time but it’s been worth it.  virtual reality golf right there in the comfort of your living room.  the game plays about as close as you can get to the real thing.  what could be better?  not much for this old douche bag who spent way too much time on the links or out on the grass in a school yard hitting golf balls around, back when you could still do that, instead of doing other stuff.   

this is a great game and one hopefully i can play for a while.  stellar graphics.  lots of courses to chose from.  all kinds of ways to play the game of golf from stroke play to match play to one ball to stable ford to skins.  dial it in an go for it.  however, just remember finishing the tiger challenge makes things easier for you, game wise.  i love this game.



2 thoughts on “yes, there’s more of the wii in mii

    Scott said:
    April 12, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    I’m a little confused as I also own this game. How do you actually get to qualify for Q school? It keeps saying that it is right around the corner, but I keep destroying everyone in tournaments, but don’t know how to get to Q school. Do I need to earn a specific amount of money before having the opportunity to try and qualify?

    johnhauge responded:
    April 13, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    scott, thanks for stopping by. the q school is there in the tour year but it’s easy to miss. i did the first time around. i believe it’s in august. just look at all the events for august you should see it. or perhaps there’s a glitch in your game. at any rate, the q school is four rounds of match play and fairly easy to get through. good luck. let me know what you found or happens. jmh

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